Angel Frias


Angel Frias never worked in sales before—he was a blank slate when Creaform hired him to lead regional sales within a highly specialized industry. Even though Angel had years of experience within the industry, he had never been on the sales side and every aspect of his new job challenged him. He began reading every sales book he could get his hands on but wasn’t finding value from the methodology.

When he read Chuck Bauer’s Sales Mastery Book, Angel found himself wondering, “Would Chuck’s tactics really work…?”

Angel started implementing tactics from Sales Mastery, increased his earnings and, after 18 short months, achieved membership in his company’s Multi-Million Dollar Club—the first salesperson ever to do so in that short amount of time.​

Knowing he could grow his sales even more, he contacted Chuck and enrolled in the Sales Management course, his first professional coaching program. As a student, Angel followed direction without question, implementing every tactic including Chuck’s Eight Keys to Success.

After experiencing continued growth and success, Angel began a second professional coaching program with Chuck, SalesMastery, delving into advanced sales strategy, presentation polish and time management. Again, he implemented everything Chuck advised without hesitation, benefiting most from the presentation and time management tactics.


Angel mastered the full client communication cycle from approach to engagement through close. His sales materials were transformed into sleek, targeted presentations, elevating his delivery and his clients’ sales experience.

Angel’s time management became hyper-focused, decreasing his workweek from seven to five days to now three days a week, allowing him more time with his family.

Angel has also seen an amazing...

In Annual Income
$ 0 K

Angel’s success is very, very rare in his industry but his implementation of Chuck’s proven tactics has delivered unparalleled success—setting a new standard for sales within his company. He now makes $250K annually and is a Multi-Million Dollar Club award recipient three years in a row!

Angel is on a path for unprecedented results—with no end in sight. He continues to work smarter, not harder, provides top-notch service to his company and clients but, above all, has more time with his family.

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