David Busey


As an ongoing student of Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer, John Drawdy, CPA, owner of Paragon Accounting & Tax Solutions of Woodstock, Georgia, understood the importance of training and tenacity over experience.

When he hired David Busey as his firm’s new Sales Expert, David had no real experience in the field. John immediately signed up his new employee for Professional Sales Training with Chuck Bauer.

Within 2 months of receiving training, David closed 10 monthly accounting clients totaling $90k in recurring annual revenue and $60k in one-time fees.

David is on track to closing an amazing...

in Annual Recurring Income!
$ 0 K

In combination with his extraordinary work ethic, the lessons and tactics taught in Chuck Bauer’s Professional Sales Training program have set David up to earn nearly $200k from commissions alone.

Congratulations to David Busey for his well-deserved success and to John Drawdy for his excellent return on investment!

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