Juli Martin, CPA


After several years as a successful CPA, starting her own business was a natural step for Juli Martin. She found it exciting, rewarding, and challenging. As she celebrated five years as a business owner, Juli had many lessons under her belt

She was ready to acknowledge and overcome some of the challenges she’d faced and embrace the life she’d envisioned when she first contemplated business ownership…

After hearing about the success other leaders in the financial industry found working with Chuck Bauer, Juli enrolled for his Professional Sales Training program and moved on to the Small Business Shape Up program.

Juli Martin’s Pre-Coaching Challenges…

Since starting her training sessions with Chuck Bauer, Juli has achieved:

Juli has also seen an amazing...

Net Income Increase!
$ 0 K

In addition to her professional success, Juli started taking 2 days off each week in order to bring back family time. With this extra time she has regained her focus on her health and fitness. This has resulted in her feeling less stressed and better overall.

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