Sales Training Program

Learn the power of a perfect presentation in this one-and-a-half-day training program focused on helping you overcome spotlight challenges. Confidence, leadership, and a public speaking prowess can be yours after SalesPITCHDAY!

Presentation Perfection Is A Day Away!

Glossophobia in today’s sales world is a true concern for ALL sales executives, affecting more than 80% of all professionals’ presentation/speaking—and even conversion rates! Whether you are engaged in ongoing face-to-face meetings, weekly WebEx meetings, or sales calls conducted by phone, Glossophobia and other presentation/conversion rate challenges can be conquered by graduating SalesPITCHDAY with Sales Coach Chuck!


Experience Our LIVE Critique Session to Refine Your Presentation and Delivery Further

At the end of this incredible one-on-one day, you will present in front of a live audience comprised of ten of Chuck’s local high-powered executives. In a spectacular setting reminiscent of the Knights of the Round Table, you will present YOUR SPECIFIC PRESENTATION to this panel of judges! After a short critique and review, dinner will be served and enjoyed by all. Then, after dinner, you will deliver your final speech and receive your final grade from the panel of judges.

Also a Complete Overview of Your...

To assist in furthering your presentation skills, you will take home a 16-page scorebook from each judge present at your SalesPITCHDAY critique.

* If additional help in creating content and PowerPoint presentations are required, it will be done in advance of your arrival in Dallas, Texas, with the help of Sales Coach Chuck Bauer’s administrative team!

SalesPITCHDAY: Judges
SalesPITCHDAY: Sales Coach Chuck Bauer and SalesPITCHDAY Judge Ron Sala
SalesPITCHDAY - Parthenon Conference Room

What Can Chuck Teach You in This Intense One-Day Course?

More importantly, you will practice LIVE sales presentations via live sales phone calls and WebEx sessions, as well as in front of a LIVE audience of experienced professionals determined to help you refine and perfect the delivery of your sales pitch.

SalesPITCHDAY Scorebook & Sales Pitch Analysis

SalesPITCHDAY: Scorebooks

Receive One Booklet From EACH SalesPITCHDAY Judge

SalesPITCHDAY Scorebook

Thorough Analysis in Three Different Presentation Areas

SalesPITCHDAY - Scorebook Detail

Build a Successful Foundation For Future Sales Pitches

Your 16-page scorebook from each SalesPITCHDAY judge will grade you on their impressions of your presentation both before and after your critique. You will be reviewed in three different areas of your presentation and judged on over 40 different topics.

After your SalesPITCHDAY session, you will walk away with a complete analysis of your presentation’s strength and weaknesses and will have a solid foundation on which to build your presentation skills further and enhance your current pitches and your future presentations.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to receive feedback from top-level executives that will revolutionize your revenue-producing activities!


Your Investment In This Sales Training Program:


Includes the all-day training / conference room rental & food service. Client is responsible for their own airfare, transportation, and lodging. We have a special rate at the Holiday Inn Express for $64/night.

Once Funding Has Been Received, Your Onboarding Process Includes:

Improve your conversion rates, leadership & public speaking skills now!

Call Chuck or his staff at 855-740-SELL and book your personalized one-day SalesPITCHDAY session in Dallas, Texas! Note: Availability is VERY LIMITED. You will need to schedule at least 45-to-60 days out due to Chuck’s limited availability!

Or call (855) 740-7355 to speak with our staff.


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