Customers and clients too busy to give formal testimonials? Discover how you can develop a system to collect reviews and testimonials effortlessly with these easy ideas!

Effortlessly Collect Testimonials from Clients and Customers

Testimonials! In any industry, you don’t have your ear to the ground. You’re so busy with your Excel spreadsheets and other tasks, that when your customers make a positive comment about your product or services, you let it go out into outer space.

When customers make positive comments that you can use in your marketing campaigns, ask them right then if you can quote them. And if they approve, quote them on it. It’s an easy way to get a tagline or a one-to-two sentence testimonial that you can use with any type of marketing materials.

When you use their testimonial, include their first and last name, their company name, if applicable, and the city they are in. You want to make them searchable to your future prospects who may not call you, but might call them directly. All of our testimonials include the name, business, and city of the person giving the testimonial.

One of my longtime clients typically gets called every one-to-two months from someone whose identity I don’t recognize, but he has a nice chat with them and it’s not a big deal.

Your customers and clients are too busy to give formal testimonials.

If you are going to ask them for formal recommendation when you speak to them directly, tell them you know they are busy and ask for five or six bullet points about what they like about your company and your services. Then record them precisely and type them out accurately.

Next, take those data points and post them to backpack for my Executive Assistant, Lisa. She will revise the bullet points into a three-to-five sentence paragraph, condense the testimonial paragraph into one-to-two lines, and re-post both. Then you can send both directly to the client for full approval and permission to use in any shape or form on any type of marketing piece.

Keep it on a professional level.

Contact a local professional photographer—one who does not use a cell phone as a camera—and pay to have a sitting photo of your client. From the photographer you will receive three or four high-resolution photos that you can use in your marketing materials for a professional look, and give a copy to your client for use in their marketing efforts. It’s a win-win for you and the client.

Reap the rewards of paying attention.

Pay more attention when people gives you accolades. Make sure these testimonials are not difficult for them, and come directly from them and no one else. Make sure the testimonials are concise and clear.

Make it right, make it look good, and make it easy for your clients to praise you.
What has been your most effective way to collect testimonials?

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