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No matter where you are in the world, the best way to get a hold of our offices is to contact us by email, through our website, or call us at 855-740-SELL. If you are contacting us by email, our website has a form that will help you clarify your request so we can efficiently get you the information you need!

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Our office is located in Dallas, Texas. Our office hours are 24/7. Our lines are always answered 24/7 365 no matter what state or country you’re calling from.
  • Time Production
  • Revenue Production
  • Customized Industry/Team Needs
  • Online Courses: 100+ Hours of Sales/Business Consulting Techniques
  • Individual Coaching: For Business Owners & Individuals
  • Team Coaching: Industry or  Company-Specific
  • Company Coaching: Customized to Industry & Company’s Needs
  • In-House Seminars: Specific Topics Available
  • Sessions via Zoom
  • MP4s & Transcripts Downloadable from the Cloud
Yes! We have:
  • In-Person Visits for Individuals & Companies
  • In-Person Visits at Chuck Bauer’s Mission Control

Of course we do!

  • Tools Needed
  • Tool Assembly & Hand-Off to Graphic Artist
  • Sales Tools Implementation
  • Sales Training & Consulting Program Costs Appear on Their Respective Pages.
  • In-House Seminars Prices Available on Our Investment Sheet with Details Available On Request

McQuaig Assessments are available for hiring or self-evaluation purposes:

  • Three Different McQuaig Assessments Available for Purchase from Our Website
  • Assessments Customized to Address Your Specific Position & Professional Industry


  • News & Updated Tactics
  • Updated Every 30-45 Days

Blog Articles on

  • Sales Training
  • Business Tactics
  • Time & Operational Efficiencies
  • Revenue Production-Focused Activities

Free Sales Tools

  • Available Teaching Tools for Sales Managers, Salespeople & Team Members
  • Intellectual Property Rights Reserved:  Please Credit Our Website

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