Dream Boards and Accomplishments


When I started Bryant & Associates almost 20 years ago (20 years in October and just weeks after 9/11), I did it to create a better life for our family. I wanted to do something I’m passionate about (helping small businesses) and still be there for my kids. I did that. I was at every event for my kids, including taking a couple weeks off during tax season to follow them around the country when Dani was playing softball and Zach was shooting trap during their college years. I’m grateful Zach decided to join me at the firm after college. I knew we needed to grow to be able to support two families. My initial dream board was created in 2014 when Zach joined the firm. Coaching with you has been life changing. Zach has grown up and is so driven and you have been there every step of the way.

As I was cleaning up files on the computer, I came across my dream board. It reflected the goals at that time. I have opened it at least annually but pretty sure I didn’t open it in 2020. Well, I got sidetracked in my “cleaning up” of files as I needed to update the dream board. I realized I had accomplished so many items on the dream board…and it was all due to coaching with you. You’ve helped Zach & I identify what we want, you’ve held us accountable and you’ve helped us with client situations and prospects. Both Zach and I appreciate everything you done for us, both professionally and personally! Attached is my updated dream board. The following is a list of accomplishments:

  • Sleep ✅
  • Growth ✅ (but staying on the board as we will always be growing)
  • Saving ✅ (but staying on the board as I’ll be retiring in 9 years)
  • Camper ✅ (we have a really nice one now, but want to replace with a 5th wheel that has a toy hauler)
  • 80 clients ✅ (updating to 150)
  • $25k in monthly billings ✅
  • Own Building ✅ (still on since we just broke ground & added picture of building next to ours)
  • Tax return collections ✅ (NO accounts receivable)
  • Grandkids ✅ (It was a ‘wish’ in 2014 and now it’s updated with picture of my grandsons and they are staying on the board)
I’ve added some new things including more travel but am most excited about needing to add a CPA to the Lincoln office to get some things off my plate. The one item I haven’t done well with is the health. And that is my focus this next year. It’s time to stop wishing the weight away and do something about getting the weight off!

Again, thank you so much for helping both Zach and I get to the position we are today. I have no doubt that we will achieve even more in the next few years.

Kim Bryant, CPA

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