Don’t be held hostage by savvy client negotiators. This 3-hour workshop will teach you and your team better phone communication skills that will change your sales team instantly!

Master the Phone—Master Your Sales

Are you and your sales team getting the results you want from all of your sales calls? Whether your organization averages 20 or 2,000 inbound & outbound calls each day, every call needs to make a positive impact. Build intimacy and move clients to closing on each call by bringing this amazing seminar to your organization.

Business Coach Chuck Bauer has developed this half-day course on PhoneMastery where you and your sales team will learn to control phone communication and implement successful sales tactics.

In PhoneMastery, Chuck uses a variety of video examples, phone call recordings, and chair-side photographs of LIVE sales calls. Your sales team will hear, see, and experience the best of many phone calls as well as actual sales recordings. You and your sales team will also learn advanced techniques on how to immediately KILL prospects’ phone fears, developing LIGHTNING-QUICK preparations before each call, and putting professional public speaking command in their voices.

What is Included in
This Program?

In addition to 3 HOURS of HIGHLY INTERACTIVE training you and/or the staff of your Sales Department will also benefit from Chuck Bauer’s auxiliary services:

Protect your investment and ensure that the tactics and techniques presented in this seminar are not only understood but IMPLEMENTED long after the event has ended.

What Can Chuck Teach You in PhoneMASTERY?

Your team is unique and we provide training that understands that!

Each PhoneMASTERY workshop will be presented with a list of topics and challenges that commonly face business owners, managers, and staff in a variety of industries. From this list, you will be able to customize your training experience by choosing and prioritizing the topics that you or your managers feel will be most beneficial to your organization.
Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer

One of North America’s most noted sales & business consultants, Chuck’s expertise spans over thirty years of sales training and business development consulting. Companies and businesses from a variety of industries benefit from his business and management consulting, individual sales training, and sales tune ups drawn from over 10,000+ LIVE sales training experiences.

He has personally coached on 1000s of transactional/non-transactional sales processes all the way up to multi-million dollar international sales deals. To date, Chuck has helped well over 250 C-Level executives, hundreds of business owners, and thousands of individual salespeople work smarter, make more money, so they can take more quality time off!

What will you do with your success?

Chuck Bauer

Turn Daily Dials Into Increased Sales & Revenue!