The RIGHT people are your company's greatest asset.

Invest in them. The #1 global business challenge is hiring and retaining employees. One Michigan State study suggests that 90% of hiring decisions are based solely on interviews with applicants. However, only 14% of all interviews are accurate. Flipping a coin has a better success rate than resume, interview, and reference-based hiring. And the costs of choosing the wrong people are ASTRONOMICAL!

Stop wasting time on ineffective hiring.
Recruit, Hire, Retain!

With Recruit, Hire, Retain!, your hiring department will learn best practices (as well as non-traditional methods) to find and recruit the right people, perform structured behavioral interviews, and clearly define expectations of new applicants.

This full day seminar presented by Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer is your path to hiring success.

Learn by example from REAL RECORDED INTERVIEWS that worked. Save time by utilizing over 100 hiring and retaining tools. And learn to INCREASE EMPLOYEE RETENTION RATES—so when you find the right employee, you’ll know how to keep them!

What Can Chuck Teach Your Staff in a Recruit, Hire, Retain! Seminar?

  • Behavioral Profiles for Job Positions
  • Expectations of Staff Positions
  • Professional Success Paradigms
  • How to Create Recruiting Flyers
  • Performing Simple APTITUDE Assessments
  • 24/7/365 Systematized Recruitment
  • Writing EYE-CATCHING Wanted Ads
  • How to Effectively Evaluate Resumes
  • Evaluating Video Cover Letters
  • Tactics for How to Interview Applicants
  • Structuring Final Interviews
  • Making IRRESISTABLE Offers
  • Onboarding and Training New Staff
  • How to Hire and Manage a Virtual Staff
  • The Role of Leadership in Retaining Employees
  • Using Communication Protocols
  • Developing a 5-Step Compensation Plan
  • Managing an Easy Accountability Program
  • Time Management Strategies to Improve Efficiency
  • Building Structured Weeks that Get Results
  • Integration With Systems You Already Have
  • Managing Staff and Psychology Tactics
  • Delivering High-Level Requests
  • More Customized Topics Based on Your Industry

Your team is unique and we provide training that understands that! When you book a Recruit, Hire, Retain! seminar for your organization, we will present you with a list of topics and challenges that commonly face HR managers and staff in a variety of industries. From this list, you will be able to customize your seminar experience by choosing and prioritizing the topics that you or your managers feel will be most beneficial to your team.

Sales / Business Coach Chuck BauerWork smarter. Make more money. Take more time off. These are the guiding principles behind Chuck Bauer’s transformational keynote speeches and seminars, grounded by two decades of experience as a proven motivational speaker and professional sales and business coach.

Chuck’s no-nonsense approach and tell-it-like-it-is style immediately connects with audiences as he breaks down the traditional thinking that keeps people anchored in the past. Attendees walk away from his sessions energized and armed with actionable tactics to face current challenges and grow their businesses.

Chuck’s insights come from observing LIVE sales calls and business transactions through his work as a professional sales and business coach. His clients, including sales professionals, business owners and C-level executives, will tell you time and time again that Chuck’s tactics have saved deals, streamlined operations and skyrocketed revenue.

Book Chuck Bauer and Experience Immediate Gains!

What is included when I book this hiring and recruiting seminar?

In addition to a full day of HIGHLY INTERACTIVE training on-site, the staff of your Human Resources Department will also benefit from Chuck Bauer’s auxiliary services.

Protect your investment and ensure that the tactics and techniques presented in this seminar are not only understood but IMPLEMENTED long after the event has ended.

Make the right hiring decisions. Improve your bottom line.

Stop wasting time and money with luck-of-the-draw hiring practices and a high employee turnover rate. Start recruiting and hiring the RIGHT employees to IMMEDIATELY increase your business’s overall efficiency and profitability.

Or call (855) 740-7355 to speak with our staff.

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