Online Training Programs for Professionals at Any Stage of the Game

Learn at Your OWN PACE from Any Location!

  • Analyze Your Business
  • Customize Your Results to Your Business, Clients & Prospects
  • Implement Time Efficiencies
  • Solve & Prevent Recurrence of Challenges
  • Formulate & Implement Revenue-Producing Activities
  • Revisit Any Lesson at Any Time
  • Make More Money
  • Take More Quality Time Off

Features of Each Online Training Course:

  • Learn At Your Own Pace
  • Access From Any Device With Internet
  • High-Quality Video Presentations
  • Quizzes To Test Your Understanding
  • Track Your Progress As You Learn
  • Additional Tools & Resources
  • Personalized Certificate Of Completion
  • Access To Our 24/7 Help Desk

Chuck Bauer's Online Training Programs

Online Business Training Program

Bronze Online Training Package

Walk through one person’s reality of growing his business by multitudes and see immediate sales improvements today! Register now to gain from his experience.


One Hour of Course Material

Reach the Pinnacle of Success!

When we think about our own situation, we see it as we are used to seeing it and use the same strategies and tactics. With You Be the Sales Coach, you will learn to see differently and use new, customized procedures! See how Coach Chucked helped his successful coaching clients with:

  • Best Month During Sales Coaching Yielded Over $25,000+ In Income!
  • Challenges Prior to Training
  • Accomplishments and Goals Achieved After Sales Training
  • Step-by-Step Coaching Plan
  • Eight Keys to Extraordinary Success
  • Setting Personal Minimum Standards
  • Utilizing Agendas & Sales Tools

Experience one student’s 12-month journey of extensive one-on-one coaching with Coach Chuck Bauer.  Learn how this student resulted in a 105% INCOME INCREASE with one month’s earnings—well over $25k! Explore the process in the chronological order of what accountability, systems, and tactics were put in place that skyrocketed this salesperson’s success.

Once you’ve analyzed your business, you will see what tactics you can use to upgrade your revenue-producing activities to work smarter, earn more money, and TAKE MORE TIME OFF!

Courses Included in This Package:

Button: Online Training: You Be The Sales Coach

ENROLL NOW to learn immediately implementable tactics that worked for professionals just like YOU!

Online Business Training Program

Silver Online Training Package

Want to see positive results every time you pick up the phone? Need insider secrets to more referrals? Invest in the Silver Package now to begin your course to sales success!

Five Hours of Course Material

Book Today to See Your Success Soar!

Learn immediately how to turn your phone into instant revenue instead of seeing it as a 10,000 pound weight. Dispense with telemarketing and expensive lead lists. SEO—really? Our Phone & Referral Training Courses will make you 10X more productive without the costs!

Turn your phone into instant revenue through our PhoneMastery & Referral Training Courses! Implement our advanced techniques TODAY!

  • Make a Positive First Impression
  • Build Intimacy with Clients
  • Move Clients to Closing
  • Using Scripts & Timing
  • How to Kill Prospects’ Phone Fears
  • Develop Lightning-Quick Preparations Before Each Call
  • Put Professional Public Speaking Command in Your Voice
  • How to Get 24 Referrals in 30 Days!
  • Learn to Identify & Use Competitive Advantages during Proposals
  • Best Practices for Referrals
  • The Foolproof Follow Up
  • The 13 Most Important Words
  • Create Top of Mind Awareness
  • Host Referral Parties & Client Events

Courses Included in This Package:

Online Learning Center - PhoneMastery - Put Power In Every Phone Call
Online Learning Center - Who Moved My Referrals? - Build Your Business on Referrals Alone!

ENROLL NOW to learn immediately implementable tactics to build your referral-based business and master the phone BEFORE your next call!

Online Business Training Program

Gold Online Training Package

Want to master your presentation skills and increase your closing ratio? Enroll in the Gold Package now to begin your course to sales success!

THREE Hours of Course Material

Let Gold Lead You to Sales Success!

Conversion Rate—from presentation to close. Next to net income, conversion rate is the #1 metric of ANY salesperson. MASTER your conversion rate via the Gold Package and MASTER YOUR INCOME. Applies to face-to-face, phone & virtual meetings.

Learn how to effectively communicate, engage your prospects, and make a connection with your clients & prospects that LEAD TO A CLOSE!

  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • The Power of Body Language
  • Engage Your Prospects
  • Advanced Communication Tactics
  • Develop the Perfect Sales Pitch
  • Listenable Rate of Speech
  • Have Them Saying “Yes!” Every Time

Don’t miss out on these revenue-producing tactics! Don’t wonder if anyone would ever refer you!

Courses Included in This Package:

Online Learning Center - PresentationMastery - Master Your Message & Sell to Any Audience

Learn how to develop and present competitive advantages that will make clients and prospects chase you—and refer you to others!

Online Business Training Program

Platinum Online Training Package

This comprehensive course covers every element including receiving referrals, organization, and marketing yourself successfully. Go from ordinary to extraordinary today!

seven Hours of Course Material

Extraordinary Success Can Be Yours

Your competitors are part of the marketing themselves timidly program. Not for you? Then Market YOURSELF Shamelessly! Time wasting away at you? Are you reactionary to your environment? Is your business running you? Then you are in luck! Our Elite Platinum package will take care of these and much more!

Learn how to organize your time so you will have more time to reach clients and prospects, market yourself SHAMELESSLY, and earn more money!

  • Organize Tasks for Efficiency
  • Solve then Prevent Challenges
  • Prioritize Your Tasks
  • Build Structured Weeks
  • Set Boundaries On YOUR Time
  • Personal Minimum Standards
  • Using Daily Time Logs
  • Discovery & Closing Agendas
  • WAY Out Of The Box Ideas
  • Coach Chuck’s TOP Secret Weapons
  • Anticipation Marketing
  • Asking for Referrals
  • Branding & POWERFUL Sales Tools
  • Over-The-Top MS Outlook Techniques
  • Best Practices When Sending Mail
  • Importance of Handwritten Notes
  • Covideo & Screencasting Tools
  • Time-Saving Click Forward Campaigns
  • Last Resort Tactics

Don’t miss out on these revenue-producing tactics! Don’t wonder if anyone would ever refer you!

Courses Included in This Package:

Online Learning Center - Sales Organization & Accountability - Work Smarter and Be More Efficient
Online Learning Center - Marketing Yourself Shamelessly - If You Don't.. Who Will?

With these and other tactics, you will be able to take small, inexpensive steps to create full-blown marketing campaigns and ultimately increase profits and revenue!

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