Craig Cheeseman

Craig Cheeseman

229% Income Increase in 7 Months!

Craig Cheeseman knows that he should act immediately when one of Transamerica’s top agents, Jeff Bigler, makes a recommendation. Jeff recently told Craig that six of his top agents had just graduated from a six-month Sales Professionals MasterMind group with Coach Chuck Bauer and were seeing tremendous results. Craig enrolled in the next available group program.

After a career in education, Craig worked at Transamerica Financial Services and later opened his own agency, Cheeseman Financial, and obtained his Investor Advisory license. Completion of the Sales Professionals MasterMind program helped him solve his many challenges and escalate productivity and profit in all areas!

The six-month Sales Professionals MasterMind group produced such dramatic results that Craig continued his revenue increase by investing in Coach Chuck’s one-on-one Professional Sales Training Program.

Craig’s Pre-Coaching Challenges…

  • Only 3 Appointments Per Week
  • Daily Long Distance Drives
  • Time Management Struggles
  • No Daily/Weekly Structure
  • Lack of New Prospects
  • Demanding Non-Revenue Activities
  • Inconsistent Monthly Earnings
  • Difficulty In Holding Enough Successful Selling Appointments
  • No Marketing Campaign

Since starting his sales training sessions with Chuck Bauer, Craig has achieved:

  • 15+ Qualified Weekly Appointments
  • Excelled in Coach Chuck’s 8 Keys To Extraordinary Success
  • Stopped Thinking & Started Doing
  • Has Become Systematized, Structured, and Automated
  • Has 24/7 Marketing System

Craig has also seen an amazing...

0 %
Income Increase In 7 Months

Anyone could be proud of the above accomplishments, but in Craig’s case they are all the more notable because he lives and works in Salem—population 1,300—McCook County—population 6,000—South Dakota. He has made a greater impact on a greater percentage of the population than someone with similar sales results who lives in a more populated area.

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