Dallas Cooley Success Story

Dallas Cooley

48% Gross Revenue Increase

In today’s business world, clients do not usually get to work directly with the business owner, but that’s what happens at Georgia Powder Coating. Dallas Cooley takes the time to help every client at each step of the process, ensuring success and the client’s peace of mind.

Despite continuing successes, there were challenges in Dallas’ business—so many that Dallas grew tired of solving them. Solving challenges not only took up valuable business time, but inhibited positive revenue growth. More importantly, he would soon learn to prevent these challenges—and that they need not have occurred in the first place.

Dallas knew there was more to running a business than letting his business run him and knew he had to do something to find that key to success…

A quick internet search led him to Sales / Business Coach Chuck Bauer. Dallas and Chuck immediately customized a program for Dallas’ business that would not only overcome his existing challenges but help him prevent new challenges, increase his revenue, decrease expenses, and allow him to take more quality time off!

Dallas’ Pre-Coaching Challenges:

  • Winging It
  • No Daily Disciplines
  • No Accountability
  • No Marketing Campaign
  • Haphazard Proposal Delivery
  • No Sales Platform
  • No Referral Program
  • No Follow-Up System

Since beginning his sales training sessions with Chuck Bauer, Dallas has achieved:

  • Profit Margins DOUBLED
  • Wrote Personal & Professional Goals
  • Advanced Closing Tactics Applied
  • Implemented A SET Marketing System
  • 80%+ Conversions (Proposal to Sale)
  • Improved Company Image
  • Excelled in Chuck’s 8 Keys to Extraordinary Success
  • And Much, Much More . . .

Dallas has also seen an amazing...

0 %
Gross Revenue Increase!

By keeping superior customer service foremost in its core values, Dallas Cooley and Georgia Powder Coating continually lead their industry, and receive recognition for this leadership in Powder Coating Tough, the powder coating industry’s monthly magazine.

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