Juli Martin: One of Our Successful Clients

Juli Martin, CPA

73% Net Income Increase!

After several years as a successful CPA, starting her own business was a natural step for Juli Martin. She found it exciting, rewarding, and challenging. As she celebrated five years as a business owner, Juli had many lessons under her belt

She was ready to acknowledge and overcome some of the challenges she’d faced and embrace the life she’d envisioned when she first contemplated business ownership…

After hearing about the success other leaders in the financial industry found working with Chuck Bauer, Juli enrolled for his Professional Sales Training program and moved on to the Small Business Shape Up program.

Juli Martin’s Pre-Coaching Challenges…

  • Needed A Shorter Work Week
  • Everything Was Time Intensive
  • Had Chronic Stress Symptoms
  • Firm Grew Too Quickly—From $120k To $525k In 3 Years—Nearly Driving Juli Into The Ground
  • Needed To Fire Non-Profitable Clients
  • No Set Sales Structure or Staff Accountability
  • Allowed Emotions to Get In The Way Of Making Good Business Decisions and She Felt Like The Firm Was Running Her

Since starting her training sessions with Chuck Bauer, Juli has achieved:

  • Shorter Work Week—She Now Spends 1 To 2 Days At Home With Her Kids
  • Sales Structure In Place and Created External Deadlines For Clients
  • Healthier Boundaries Set With Staff & Clients and Fired Non-Profitable Clients
  • Rolling Average Realization Rate Up 5% And Climbing
  • Built An “Importance” Scale and Started Using  Key Performance Indicators, 12 Month Moving Averages, and Key Monitoring Per Employee
  • Stopped Costly Advertising and Began a Self–Filling Marketing Campaign with New Powerful Marketing Pieces
  • Start A Delegation Program
  • Implement TimeMASTERY
  • Create A Recruiting / Hiring Plan and Learned to Assess, Hire & Train Sales People and Increase Revenue & Efficiency Of Staff Members

Juli has also seen an amazing...

0 %
Net Income Increase!

In addition to her professional success, Juli started taking 2 days off each week in order to bring back family time. With this extra time she has regained her focus on her health and fitness. This has resulted in her feeling less stressed and better overall.

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