Matt West

312% Income Increase from Sales Training!

Prior to Chuck Bauer’s coaching, Matt West was struggling to be in the top 15% of his company’s sales standings. He had the passion and the drive, but didn’t have the traction, focus, or organization that he needed to reach his full potential… Thomson Reuters, a multinational media and information firm, brought in Sales / Business Coach Chuck Bauer to train 100 sales people in their Tax and Accounting division. Matt was among them.

Matt has since been in the top 1-2% of Thomson Reuters’ sales team.

He realized what was necessary to give purpose and meaning to his daily activities and has a new set of sales processes and habits that enable him to no longer have to think—he simply has to do! Since then, Matt West has personally engaged Chuck in several different sales coaching programs, including individual and group sessions.

Chuck’s two-day SalesMastery Sales Training Seminar redirected Matt’s motivation, increased his knowledge, and honed his skills.

Matt’s Pre-Coaching Challenges…

  • Too Much Effort with Mediocre Results
  • Poor Time Management Skills
  • No Traction, Focus, or Organization
  • Low Sales Standings

Since starting his training sessions with Chuck Bauer, Matt has achieved:

  • Sales and Income Doubled
  • Countless Awards and Recognition
  • Consistently at Top of Sales Standings
  • Revitalized Confidence and Vision
  • Fulfilled Goal: Became a Private Pilot
  • Mastered Time Management
  • Attained the 8 Keys to Success
  • And Much, Much More!

Matt has also seen an amazing...

0 %
Sales Increase
0 %
Income Increase

In addition to these amazing accomplishments, Matt has also fulfilled his personal dream of becoming a private pilot. The confidence he gained in attaining this goal has given him a sense of pride in his personal life.

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