Ray Croff Success Story

Ray Croff

Amazing Increase to 89% Client Appointment Show Rate

Before joining Turtle Creek Financial Group of Dallas, Texas, Ray Croff worked with a large nationwide firm, serving clients with expertise and care. His financial knowledge and entrepreneurial background made him the ideal choice for small business owners and their families.

But changes in the economy and insurance business brought Ray Croff to a career crossroads. Would he stay in the financial industry, or seek another career?

Ray knew something had to change—and change it did—thanks to Ohio National Financial Service’s invitation for Ray to attend an inspirational sales seminar led by Sales / Business Coach Chuck Bauer.

After attending the seminar and carefully evaluating its content, Ray called Chuck, qualified for his Professional Sales Training Program, and enrolled. Now things are very, very different!

Ray’s Pre-Coaching Challenges:

  • Income At Mere Survival Level
  • Trouble Getting Back to Prospects
  • Too Many No-Show Appointments
  • No Set Procedures
  • Few Systems in Place
  • Ineffective Closure
  • Lack of Time Management
  • And That Wasn’t All . . .

Since beginning his sales training sessions with Chuck Bauer, Ray has achieved:

  • $45K Best Income Month Ever
  • Accountability Performed Daily
  • Structured Weekly Schedule in Place
  • Qualified for M.D.R.T.
  • Stopped Over-Thinking
  • Increased Quality Time Off
  • Attained the 8 Keys to Success
  • And Much, Much More!

Ray has also seen an amazing...

0 %
Income Increase In First Year
0 %
Client Appointment “Show Rate” Increase (Formerly 67%, now 89%)

Every industry has slow months and Ray’s is no exception. He overcomes the disadvantages in these troubled times by using Chuck’s techniques and does not lack appointments. Along with an increase in business, Ray has also been able to spend more quality time off with his wife, Susan, and their two children, Mark and Dakota—a high priority activity.

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