Zach Bryant, Vice President of Bryant & Associates P.C., Lincoln NE

Zach Bryant

Small Town Accounting Firm EA Closes a RECORD $330K in BRAND NEW Business!

Since joining Bryant + Associates P.C., Zach Bryant steadily progressed through every role in the firm—from bookkeeping, payroll, and tax preparation to business development and operations. While he proved himself to be a stalwart and critical member of their leadership team, he still lacked the confidence and sales tactics required help the practice grow quickly.

Then Zach made a decision that would change everything—he enrolled in Professional Sales Training sessions with Chuck Bauer…

Zach immediately applied his dedication and passion for business development to the implementation of Chuck’s strategies. After two years of training, he gained the confidence and tactics he needed to not only help his practice grow, but also become more efficient and focused!


In 2+ Years of Professional Sales Training, Zach Bryant has:

  • Gained the Confidence and Strategies He Needed
  • Helped His Practice Become More Efficient, Focused, and Grow Faster
  • Started His Firm’s Business Consulting Branch Yielding Nearly 20 New Monthly Clients
  • Managed to Take More Time Off—Even During Tax Season!
  • Exceeded His Revenue Goal for the Entire Year Before the End of the First Quarter!
  • Continues to Maintain a 75% Close Rate Across All Leads

Zach has also seen an amazing...

$ 0 K
Revenue Growth in 1 Year!
Zach’s professional success doesn’t stop there! As a member of PASBA, he was invited to co-present at their 2018 Fall Management Conference. His session on Millennial Business Owners shared key insights on this growing segment and shining a light on the changing dynamics and impact for firm owners.

He continues to give back to his industry through an active membership to PASBA’s Financial, Sales, and Personal Review Groups, where he conscientiously offers ideas to help challenge and advance his fellow members’ businesses.

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