Just 32 minutes can change
EVERYTHING about your communication!

Just 32 minutes can change EVERYTHING about your communication!

Handwritten Cards


Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) isn’t just a marketing concept, it’s the entire point! When you’re in regular communication, people remember you. And when they have a need for your product or your service — or encounter somebody else who does — they’ll think of you first because you’re at the top of their mind.
There is NO more distinctive way to communicate than with a handwritten note. It’s personal. It’s visceral. It’s real. It’s MEMORABLE. And most importantly, nobody else is doing it!.

The Handwritten Card method is an effective way to stand out! It works in multiple situations, doesn’t require changes to your sales processes, and takes almost no time to set up. It’s so simple that you can start right after completing the course and derive incredible short-term and long-term results for your business.

Business Coach Chuck Bauer takes all the guesswork out of writing cards, which saves time by teaching exactly what you should write and how to package it. This 30-minute class is packed with great information that ensures your handwritten cards get opened and read so that your business gets the top of mind attention it needs to succeed.

“Invest in yourself and/or your business by learning and implementing the sales tactics, sales process psychology, and efficiencies taught by Chuck Bauer in his sales training and business ownership programs, whether you’re in sales or an owner or do both. Then track the return on your investment!”

Josh Sutton

Dallas, Texas


Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer

One of North America’s most noted sales & business consultants, Chuck Bauer’s expertise spans over thirty years of sales training and business development consulting encompassing over 10,000 LIVE in-session hours. To date, Chuck has helped thousands of highly successful professionals work smarter, make more money, and take more quality time off!

Chuck Bauer

You Will Also Be Getting

Free PDF of the Sales Mastery book course

This book offers advice, tools and tips that work in today’s ultra-competitive and unforgiving marketplace.
Implementation Resource Guide

Implementation resource guide

This Implementation Resource Guide (IRG) will help you keep all of your emergent, urgent, and non-urgent tasks in order.
Annual Goal Planner


The GoalMastery Annual Goal Planner isn’t just for business and isn’t just for personal development: it’s for all aspects of your life. 

Chuck Bauer is the real deal — he talks the talk and walks the walk. His knowledge and implementation motivates us and inspires us to think of innovative ways to improve ourselves and our business. I appreciate his help and advice along the way and take every opportunity to recommend him to colleagues and associates.”


Sarasota, Florida

John Drawdy
“Thanks to guidance and support from Chuck Bauer, for the year ending January 1st, 2023, my company earned $2M — which is a year-over-year increase of 45%. And we’re continuing to push and grow with a goal of $5M annually all the while working an average of just  23.75 hours/week! And Chuck’s got me working on reducing those hours even more while driving my revenue up!”


Woodstock, Georgia

Chuck Bauer

Handwritten Cards

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