Expectations of New Students


Regardless of which sales training or business consulting program you book, in order for us to provide the highest quality of training, we have some key expectations of you when you join us as one of our students.

Sometimes, despite our best intentions, we can be our own worst enemies. By following this short common sense list, you will not only ensure positive results from your investment in these training programs, but you will also build a foundation of discipline and a long-lasting commitment to your own success that will last for years to come.

  • Collaborative Effort

    We can only get you or your company on the track to increased revenue and success when you work with us. Open communication, discussion, and the respect for a priority list keeps everyone working smarter. The more effort you put into your training, the more you will get out of it.

  • Avoid The “Sales Mouse Trap”

    Many C-Level executives, business owners, and salespeople “trap” themselves by thinking only one way. Kneejerk reactions such as “That won’t work,” “That is wrong,” “That’s never worked for me,” or “We’ve never done it that way,” prevent revenue-producing opportunities! Remember: Chuck bases his psychology, tactics, and efficiencies on battle-tested in-field experiences used right now by thousands of successful business owners and salespeople! Be open-minded and creative!

  • Discipline

    A certain bestselling book states that you can form a habit in only 21 days. With respect, it takes more like 210 days! By being highly disciplined and dedicated to your continuous improvement, the challenges you face in the early stages of implementing new techniques will melt away into total productivity, fluency, and competence. Once you have become an “unconscious competent” with correctly applied, repeated activity, you will have the power to change any aspect of your sales, business, or personal life.

  • Tenacity

    New is sometimes frightening. Keep an open mind and be tenacious! Even though the techniques we share with you in our training programs are based on real experiences with successful results, then proven again and again, these ideas may still be completely new to you. That’s okay—you can’t be expected to know what you don’t know. With practice and patience, you will find your lessons will become easier and the underlying message of why it works will become clearer. A tenacious attitude towards correct, productive activities as you pursue your goals is the key to your success!

  • Implementation

    We assume you will schedule at least one hour after your session to implement what you learned. When pilots train to fly, they spend hours each week implementing what they learned. Their reason? Their life depends on it. In sales and business ownership, your livelihood depends on it! By IMMEDIATELY implementing the strategies taught in your training sessions, you can try a new technique and return to your next session with the questions you need to fully understand and master a technique.

  • Focus

    Only the highest level of focus will help you reach your goals. You must deflect non-revenue producing activities and focus 100% on productive, revenue-producing activities!

  • Desire

    Do you REALLY want to change and improve? Do you have a white HOT desire to succeed? Can you break through self-imposed barriers? Will you leave the naysayers and really make a difference for you, your family, and your business?

  • Become Systematized

    In 20+ years of business experience, Coach Chuck has found that over-thinking limits most salespeople and business owners. Systems customized to you or your business will eliminate over-thinking. You will save time, reduce stress, increase production, and balance your world.

  • Over-react to Coaching

    NOW. Not later. Not next week. Not when the timing is better. Not when things are perfect. Over-react NOW. Coach Chuck expects that when coached, you OVER-REACT NOW. This will bring increases NOW that you might have thought impossible. Over-reacting NOW lessens arrival time at your finish line!

  • Enjoy!

    Time-saving structure. Income increases. More quality time off. Personal and professional life so balanced that work seems like play. Maybe perfection? It is all yours . . . if you really want it!


Can you meet these expectations?

If so, then you are ready for our high-impact training programs. Start building a better future, train yourself to meet these expectations, and you will find yourself meeting all of life’s challenges with the discipline, enthusiasm, and tenacity required to truly embrace the success you deserve.


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