Sales Training


Professional Sales Training Course Highlights:

Six-Month Business
Training Program

(18) :50 Minute
One-On-One Sessions

900 TOTAL MINUTES of Customized Coaching​

Completely CUSTOMIZED to YOUR Specific Needs​

Highly Interactive—

Recorded LIVE for Forever Viewing Privileges​

Specific Homework Given & Monitored Between Sessions​

Day & Time Remain The Same Throughout the Program​

Real-Time Training with Real-Life Business Examples​

Out-Of-Session Emergency Access to Chuck​

Inclusion into Chuck’s 24/7 Training Cloud​

24/7 Answered Business HOTLINE / Assistant

Take Sales to a Higher Level & Make More Money!

This sales training commitment covers 18 one-on-one HD-recorded sales coaching sessions with Coach Chuck Bauer over six consecutive months. That’s over 900 minutes of total training time!

Chuck Bauer customizes every one of his Professional Sales Training sessions to his client’s unique industry needs. He has directly helped thousands of individual salespeople convert more prospects to customers, build a strong referral-based network, and skyrocket their revenue.

This intensive professional sales training program is designed for HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL salespeople to increase net profit and sales efficiencies. By enlisting Chuck Bauer Sales Training & Business Consulting, our clients have seen tremendous success increasing sales, higher conversion rates, and more money overall.

“Chuck helped us set extremely aggressive 12-month sales and operational goals for our firm. Thanks to Chuck’s operational systems and next-level sales tactics, we’ve already closed $221K in annual recurring fees & $81K in one-time tax plans—putting us on track to smash our annual goals!”

Greg O'Brien

Boston, Massachusetts

“I started my position with no real sales experience. My employer, John Drawdy, signed me up for Professional Sales Training with Chuck Bauer. Less than 2 months after training, I’m on track to bring in $540K in annual recurring revenue and $360K per year in one-time fees. The investment in Chuck’s coaching program has been well worth it!”

David Busey

Woodstock, Georgia

“Thank you for all the support & coaching—without it, this would not be possible. We ended last year with tremendous growth! Cash collected was over $700K and our entire team now works 100% remotely, serving clients throughout the USA. We’re looking forward to another year of success, challenges, and helping business owners achieve financial freedom with Tax Planning.”

Minal Babaria, CPA, CCA, CTC

Center Valley, Pennsylvania

Chuck Bauer

Sales Training



(When paying online by credit card, please expect an additional 3% service fee for this convenience.)

Popular Curriculum Topics for This Training Program:

Professional Sales Training for Your Entire Team

For an additional investment, others from your team can be added to form your own group coaching program. Ask Chuck for more information during your discovery meeting.


Business & SALES Coach Chuck Bauer

One of North America’s most noted sales & business consultants, Chuck Bauer’s expertise spans over thirty years of sales training and business development consulting encompassing over 10,000 LIVE in-session hours. To date, Chuck has helped thousands of highly successful professionals work smarter, make more money, and take more quality time off!

Chuck Bauer
Chuck Bauer

Sales Training

Once you have been accepted & funding has been received, your onboarding process will include

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