Client Personality Assessment

Client Personality Assessment

Are you having trouble figuring out what personality type your client is?

Take this quick assessment and you will instantly know what you are dealing with. Know exactly how to sell to your clients and instantly know how to modify your presentation and your close!

Students of PersonalitySelling know that every day salespeople encounter four very different personality styles when dealing with prospects and clients. Use this assessment to easily determine the dominant personality style of your prospect or client.

Make the strategies taught in PersonalitySelling 100% effective and close more sales!

Assess The Personality Of Your Prospect / Client

For each question in this assessment, select which item most accurately describes your client or prospect. All questions must be answered before a personality type can be provided. When you are done, click to see your results.

At his or her best, your prospect or client is a...(Required)
At his or her worst, your prospect or client can be...(Required)
When faced with decisions, your prospect or client is...(Required)
Your prospect or client's greatest fear is/are...(Required)
Your prospect or client specific needs are/is...(Required)
Your prospect or client is moved or motivated by...(Required)
Your prospect or client will be satisfied with...(Required)