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The landscape is littered with thousands of sales training books, videos, and websites that claim to teach better selling techniques. These publications and programs do everything except what they need to do: help salespeople, sales managers, and entrepreneurs to close more sales and make more money.

That’s why this book is necessary.

This book offers advice, tools and tips that work in today’s ultra-competitive and unforgiving marketplace—advice that is not offered anywhere else—to salespeople, sales managers, and corporate leaders who are ultimately responsible for achieving company sales figures.

Sales / Business Coach Chuck BauerWork smarter. Make more money. Take more time off. These are the guiding principles behind Chuck Bauer’s transformational keynote speeches and seminars, grounded by two decades of experience as a proven motivational speaker and professional business coach.

Chuck’s no-nonsense approach and tell-it-like-it-is style immediately connects with audiences as he breaks down the traditional thinking that keeps people anchored in the past. Attendees walk away from his sessions energized and armed with actionable tactics to face current challenges and grow their businesses.

Chuck’s insights come from observing LIVE sales calls and business transactions through his work as a professional business coach. His clients, including sales professionals, business owners and C-level executives, will tell you time and time again that Chuck’s tactics have saved deals, streamlined operations and skyrocketed revenue.

The Sales Mastery book was originally published by Wiley Publishing.

Wiley Publishing is committed to providing quality, up-to-date information to its readers. They have lived up to their promise to publish cutting-edge teachings from the industry’s best by seeking out Chuck Bauer and publishing Sales Mastery, available nationwide in hard copy and electronically!

What's Inside Sales Mastery?

Sales Mastery is not a guru-guide penned by someone who only knows the theory of selling. This book was written by someone who is lives and experiences the sales field every single day. Benefit from the insight and wisdom of Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer—an industry expert who has trained thousands of salespeople to achieve extraordinary success!

Anyone who wants to succeed at the exciting, rewarding, and sometimes frightening world of sales NEEDS this book.

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