Secondary T.O.M.A. Campaign

Send A Free Secondary TOMA Card Right Now! (Compliments of Business Coach Chuck)

All Sales People, Sales Organizations and Business Owners Want:

Business Coach Chuck Bauer brings you a new and decisive sales tool that helps you maintain more personal contact, more often, in a far more efficient manner, and at less than 1/3rd the cost of any other available choices.

PERFECT for “VIP” Prospects/Clients Who Already Know You!

The S.T.C. DOES NOT REPLACE your Primary T.O.M.A. Campaign – rather it COMPLEMENTS IT!

The Secondary T.O.M.A. Campaign

This is EASY! The S.T.C. allows you to dominate your competition, get more referrals than you ever have, and it gives you a FAST and EFFICIENT sales tactic that MAKES your prospects choose YOU over any other option.


You can add to any distinctive card:

It is EXTREMELY INEXPENSIVE and the customization features gives you MAJOR SALES HORSEPOWER with your follow up campaigns and once a day T.O.M.A. touches! A MAJOR WOW Factor!

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  • Step Three – Follow easy step-by-step instructions.
  • Step Four – Fill out this online form right now indicating that you are interested in the S.T.C. program. Place your message to Chuck in the comments field. Additionally, indicate if you are interested in a corporate account.

Don’t over think the think… OVER DO THE DO!