7 Steps To Overcoming Challenging Attitudes

  1. WORK on your personal foundation: the Five Pillars of Attraction. (F.R.E.S.H.)
    • F: Finances
    • R: Relationships
    • E: Environment
    • S: Spirituality
    • H: Health

    Right now, write down one task for each of the Five Pillars that you can improve on immediately.

  2. STOP listening to that little negative voice. Counter-punch the negative self-talk with positivity.
  3. LOOK for alternative explanations. In many cases, there could be hundreds of them; however, frustration often keeps you from seeing the forest for the trees.
  4. MOODS are contagious, both positive and negative. Do something that will place you in a positive mood, such as a daily delicious habit or speaking with someone that is known for having a positive attitude or mood.
  5. CONTROL your frustration. Speak slowly, breathe deeply into your heart, choose to remain calm or excuse yourself from the discussion . . . any way of taking a time out. And take care of your health: stop drinking caffeine and taking in other things that have a negative effect on your system.
  6. STOP looking out the rearview mirror when that big broad windshield is staring you in the face. Your vision of each event or situation is totally up to you. You can either choose to be negative or positive. You can focus on your negative past or look forward to a positive future. Remember this quote: “Past failures don’t equal current successes.”
  7. WATCH with great care who you hang out with. My most favorite quote by Jim Rohn says “YOU become the average sum of the five people with whom you associate.”

    Ask yourselves these questions:

    • “Who am I around?”
    • “What are they doing to me?”
    • “What have they got me saying?”
    • “Where do they have me going?”
    • “What do they have me thinking?”
    • “What do they have me becoming?”
    • Then ask yourself the big question: “Is any or all of that okay?”

Whether you are a corporation or an individual, implementing this 7 Step Program in response to challenging attitudes shows that you are taking the first steps away from negative attitudes that hold you back and are heading toward positive attitudes that propel you forward and help everyone with whom you associate.


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