"I HAVE To Buy A Set Of Tires!"

You may be thinking “How weird!” about the title of this article. But you know what? It has a lot to do with many things we have to do in the sales industry. Find out how motivation can be the key to making or breaking your daily sales goals.

What’s different about today?

You know, I really love what I do in the sales coaching and sales training industry. It’s always interesting! Being involved with a lot of sales people, sales managers, sales executives, and business owners, I get to see a lot of things.

About a year ago, one of my client companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area had me come in for a day. I spent the morning with their sales managers and the afternoon with their sales people listening to their calls on the sales floor.

One salesperson I knew from his attendance at a couple of my seminars, and he always seemed so laid back about everything. But he was different today—he was fired up about his sales day and every call! After listening in and taking notes for a while, I asked him what he was so excited about.

“Well, by five o’clock, I have to have enough money to buy my wife a set of tires for her car.” The answer sparked my thinking. He was all jazzed up about the tires and how he was really motivated for the day.But what about the day before?

I asked him “What is it going to be tomorrow? Are you going to revert back to that guy who’s just moving along or are you going to have that fire and enthusiasm about your sales that you have today because you have to buy your wife a set of tires? What is your set of tires on a daily basis?”

There’s more to it than things that happen only once or only occasionally.

I recently popped in on one of my sales organizations here in Dallas. There were eighteen-to-twenty sales people in their cubicles making outbound sales calls. It was rather quiet, so I looked around at the cubicles and also the offices, and noticed a void of things that could lift them up to the level of enthusiasm they needed to make their sales goals—and beyond.

Here are some suggestions to fill that void.

Filling the void is easy. All it takes, to begin with, anyway, is some information and something as simple as a sticky note placed anyplace you will see it often—your car dashboard, your cubicle, your computer monitor . . .

Every one of you should know what your daily income needs to be. And you should to know what you’ve got to do for the month. There are typically twenty-one to twenty-two days to close sales in every month.

What will motivate you to make your goals?

When you have these numbers, put them on that sticky note and place it where you will see it. Your daily goal should motivate you for the beginning of the day—not the end!

You also need to surround yourself in your environment with other things that motivate and inspire you. I call them “daily delicious habits.” These are the things that give us our natural energy to be who we want to be, to be who we are. In my office, you’ll see my goal book and chart, and you’ll also see stuff about aviation, weightlifting, and my family pictures—all things that enable me to go forward and have a great sales day.

Do you see monetary goals? If not, write them down and put them up! Do you see pictures of your family, your hobbies, places you like to visit? Remind yourself of what makes you motivated, just like the salesperson whose motivation gave me the impetus for this article!

Be sure to implement today’s tip for today and all the days that follow!

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