A New and Distinctive Tool For Your Sales Processes!

I have been waiting for new electronic sales tools to arrive and they have finally made their way to the marketplace: video email, live video broadcasting, and video training blogs! These sales tools work with all the following devices—and the number of compatible devices is growing by the day! Best yet, I can operate virtually from anywhere in the world with an internet connection!

  • Smart Watches
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablets
  • PCs / Laptops
  • Smart TVs
  • Game Consoles

I must admit that I have been an electronic junkie since the beginning days of email. Using an infrastructure that is electronic is certainly one great way to increase your sales efficiencies and profits. In addition, it helps you work smarter versus working harder. Most of my highest net profit sales coaching students totally understand what I mean. You should too!

Watching the email world over the past few years, I have seen a dramatic decline in its overall usage, mainly because of spam filters and blockers. I think that we’ve grown tired of all the useless garbage that gets forwarded in the electronic world.

I wasn’t sure what would be the next great move in electronic communication. Now we are on the cusp of it: video email. Just look at the advancement of YouTube and you know exactly what I am talking about.

Know this—everyone I work with is always on the LOOKOUT for distinctive, cutting-edge sales tools. This video communication tools suite is just one of the many new electronic sales tools that I have discovered.


How Online Video Will Revolutionize Your Sales

  1. 57% Of Consumers: Videos Make Them Confident In A Purchase 1
  2. Internet Video Traffic Will Be 69% Of All Global Consumer In 2017 2
  3. Video Promotion: Over 6 Times More Effective Than Print & Online 3
  4. A Minute Of Video Is Worth 1.8 Million Words 4
  5. Over Half Of 25-54 Year Olds Share Video Online 5
  6. Getting The 1st Page Google Listing Increase 53 Times With Video 6
  7. YouTube Receives 1 Billion+ Unique Visitors Each Month 7
  8. 6 Billion+ Hrs. Of Video Are Watched Monthly On YouTube 8
  9. YouTube Is Now 28% Of All Google Searches 9
  10. Mobile Makes Up 40% Of YouTube’s Global Watch Time 10
  11. Mobile Shoppers Are 3 Times More Likely To View A Video Vs. Laptop Shoppers 11
  12. 82% Of Marketers Say That Video Email Is Effective 12
  13. Ad Agencies Spending 83% More On Their Video Ads 13
  14. 31% Of Brands Say They Will Pull Funding From TV Ads To Invest In Video Ads 14
  15. 50% Of Marketers Who Use Video In Emails See Increased Click-through Rates 15
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New Video Communication Tools
Hit at the Heart of Simple Sales Philosophies.

It is a fact that people remember:

  • 10% of What They Read
  • 20% of What They Hear
  • 30% of What They See
  • 50% of What They See and Hear

Beyond that, the impact of a message has been attributed to the following percentages:

  • 55% of the Impact of a Message Stems from Body Language
  • 38% of the Impact of a Message Stems from Voice Quality
  • 7% of the Impact of a Message Comes from Words

Allowing your client to view your body language while hearing and seeing you inspires almost all their senses. Use video, Zoom HD, and video email in all your business communications and you will enjoy the many benefits. You will have uniformity of message. You will reduce your travel expenses. You will reduce your marketing expenses by eliminating the need for mailing samples, mockups, and CDs/DVDs. You will gain real-time customer feedback and shorten your sales cycle. You’ll also create a tremendous bond with your customer base.

The Video Email Platform I Use For My Business

video revolution chuck bauer blog

video revolution chuck bauer blog

video revolution chuck bauer blog

video revolution chuck bauer blog

video revolution chuck bauer blog

video revolution chuck bauer blog

Covideo Premium Plan
Take $10 Off Per Month
(Normally $49 Per Month)
Use Coupon Code:

Covideo Enterprise Plan
Take $20 Off Per Month
(Normally $99 Per Month)
Use Coupon Code:

Video Emailing

This comes complete with an advanced web-based email that is integrated with streaming video. Now when you receive an email, you can reply with video email with just a click. Make an impact and send video email messages with your current email business domain and experience the improved response that video messages can create.


  • Private Labeling
  • Distinctive – Your Competitors Don’t Have This
  • Create and Manage All Incoming and Outgoing Video Email
  • Robust Search Engine for Searching Through All Correspondence
  • One-click Video Email Reply
  • Custom Business Graphics and Hyperlinks to Reinforce Branding
  • Video Email View Notifications
  • Apps to Send Customized Video Email from Your Phone

Common Uses:

  • Create Distinctive Daily T.O.M.A. Touches
  • Happy Birthday and Congratulatory Messages
  • Thank You for Product Purchase
  • Announce Company Events and News
  • In-house Communication from Management
  • Announce Real Estate Open House, Sales, and Grand Openings
  • Send Product Discount Information and Coupons
  • Promote Entertainment Events, Movies, and Documentaries
  • Community Announcements and Public Affairs
  • Promote Sales and Marketing Events

These products are cost-effective and simple to use. Even a novice like myself, with no formal training, was able to install the camera easily and begin sending video emails immediately! Salespeople, sales executives, and business owners, this is a for-sure hit with your clients. Sales managers, this tool is a must have for all your salespeople. Utilizing the product will give you a distinctive edge over your competitors.

Don’t Procrastinate! EASILY get started using this all-new, creative video communication tool.


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