Take This Sales “POP QUIZ” Now!

Welcome back to school… when, every so often, to everyone’s dismay, your teacher would stop right in the middle of class and deliver a POP QUIZ! Understanding the results of this pop quiz could add hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to your weekly and monthly income.

OK, ready for the POP QUIZ? Here it is:

Consider these five words/phrases and write down the one YOU THINK was the most important to the clients who responded to the same sales survey. (Cue Jeopardy background music.)

  • Manners & Charm
  • Product Knowledge
  • Empathy & Understanding
  • Enthusiasm
  • Fun

The Actual “Client” Survey Results

First off, this survey was totally about your client and really has nothing to do with you, except that the results of the survey can become a learning experience for you . . . and result in an income increase. The survey was taken a couple of years ago, and the clients who responded were asked this important question:

What is the most important item (SKILL?) that you want from the salesperson that you are working with?

These clients, based on their experience with their salesperson, came up with these answers:

  • 51% — Enthusiasm
  • 25% — Empathy & Understanding
  • 10% — Manners & Charm
  •  7% — Fun
  •  7% — Product Knowledge

51% chose ENTHUSIASM, followed by 25% who chose Empathy & Understanding. That means that 76% of the survey respondents chose either Enthusiasm or Empathy. I would call that a sales clue! Bringing up the rear of the pack are Manners, Fun, and Product Knowledge. Yes, Product Knowledge placed LAST in the survey. Okay, be honest—how many of you picked Product Knowledge?

How Do We Improve Enthusiasm and Make It A Daily Habit?

  1. The five people that you spend time with—are they enthusiastic?
  2. Do you eat energy-providing foods on a consistent basis?
  3. Are you fired up about what you do in sales?
  4. Do you have your dream board visually in your office or cube?
  5. Do you have a set daily and weekly income goal of what YOU must make?
  6. Do you have the correct accountability partner?
  7. Do you work on your sales trade outside of your sales time?
  8. Do you consistently read and explore new sales ideas and techniques?
  9. Are you coachable?
  10. Are you happy and smile all the time?

Okay, that took me all of about one minute. So what is your score? Did you answer “Yes” to all 10? Do you need to sharpen your sales saw? Maybe you need to completely start all over… Regardless, ENTHUSIASM was the #1 choice by over 50% of the clients and prospects. Again, this is a BIG CLUE to understanding clients and how to close more sales.

What is your office environment like? Some of the sales departments I work with here in Dallas build their environments around excitement, enthusiasm, and positive motivation—sometimes LOUD motivation. Other offices . . . a funeral home would be louder if they were to compare decibel levels from a noise meter.

By their rating Product Knowledge last, the clients were TELLING YOU something: in most cases, they DON’T CARE about how much you know. Or as I write in my SalesMastery Book of Quotes: “Ignorance on FIRE will always outsell knowledge on ICE!”

Being authentically enthusiastic will always outsell an outpouring of all there is to know about a product. Enthusiasm naturally draws clients to you. Even if you are analytical, a thinker in personality type, you can still convey your enthusiasm for the product and your knowledge about it and transfer that enthusiasm to your clients!

Make it a point to practice becoming more enthusiastic.

Be it on the phone, a live presentation, or communicating by email, text, or brochure, get excited about your product or service and watch your clients become excited too!

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