Wondering how you can continue to approach old potential customers that completed your TOMA campaign, but never responded? These ideas will help you stay in touch!

What to Do After TOMA Ends

My highly successful students never cease to impress me! In each of my highly-acclaimed training programs, I teach what I like to call the Texas Two-Step. When presented  a challenge, solve it then PREVENT IT from happening again.

Recently, one of my students, Mark Berry from Palleton, Inc., took on the challenge of recapturing his disappearing TOMA leads. He noticed that some of his potential customers would complete his TOMA campaign without responding. Rather than waste their data, he wanted to know how his company could continue to reach out to these resources after his TOMA campaign ended.

Mark Berry's Question about TOMA Prospects:

“I started doing TOMA a year ago and I think it has been very successful. I was wondering how I should approach old potential customers that went through the complete TOMA process and never responded. I know enough about their business that we should be doing something with them. How do I try and re-spark their interest a year later?”

Watch Chuck Bauer's LIVE Response:

When TOMA becomes complete, the things that pick up from there are your monthly email newsletter, your monthly text blast, and social media blast. So the monthly email newsletter, the monthly text message blast, always keeps the Prime or Palleton name, motif, colors, and branding out in front of them. What we’re trying to do is increase Top Of Mind Awareness. Obviously that’s very, very important.

Beyond that, another thing that would come in when there’s been this length of time that would be helpful is resending the Palleton or Prime Competitive Advantages, showing them things that really make you different. Typically, in the Competitive Advantages flyer, you’re talking about onboarding guidelines and how you onboard clients, utilization of virtual meetings, using tools such as screencasts and covideo for communication purposes, and that Palleton runs with a communication protocol and priority codes for all clients.

The other thing is that in the Competitive Advantages, you could also put in the information about Tyson and what a big account Tyson has become with Palleton—that would require making one or two paragraphs. That one separate marketing flyer about Tyson could be your really big plus, with you following up doing drive-bys and calling people.

In today’s world, I would stay off e-mail because that is the least effective method. If you have a client’s cell number, you could pitch them a quick call by text—Quick call; five minutes?”—and see if they bite. It’s kind of like a crap shoot, but you have to throw a network of things out there in an effort to increase your chances of making a lead.

The last thing about this is drive-bys and personal face-to-face, especially with your closing abilities, is something that is very significant for you because of your personal skills, your presentation skills, and that you know what you’re doing. When you’re out on the road, any drive-bys that you can do to get your face out in front would help.

I think if you would put together what I’ve just said, you’re in really good shape. Let’s see what you do with this. Take it and run with it. If there’s anything else I can do for you, please let me know. And oh, by the way, what other companies do you know that could use my services?

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