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Client Care Call with Alexis Gallati

Want to sign up for any of Chuck Bauer’s Sales Coaching or Business Development programs? Check out this 6-min excerpt of a client care call PERFECTLY EXECUTED by one of our CPA client firms from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Transcription: Alexis Gallati – Client Care Call

Derek: This is Derek.

Alexis: Hi Derek; it’s Alexis Gallati. How are you?,

Derek: Good, Alexis. How are you?

Alexis: Good, thanks. Hey I know you’re busy, obviously with tax season going on, so I’ll be brief.

Derek: Sure.

Alexis: I’m calling just to check in with you, and at the end of our chat I’m going to ask you for a referral, so I just want to know how everything’s going with Southmade.

Derek: Everything’s going good, yeah. Uh, we’ve been busy. Things are going good.

Alexis: Oh wonderful. Great. Everything’s going well in the family?

Derek:  Yeah. Things are good.

Alexis: Great.Well good. I’m glad to hear that. Did you guys have a good holiday? Did you stay In town?

Derek:  We stayed in town. We usually do. Did you?

Alexis: Yeah, we usually go to Massachusetts to visit my parents every year but this year we ended up not going it and this year it was really nice to be home and not have to go anywhere.

Derek: It’s nice to be home. For sure. Understood.

Alexis: Your family lives in town, right?

Derek: Yes, my parents are in Knoxville but (unintelligible) are in Florida and Maryland. They actually came down for Thanksgiving, so we just stuck around here for Christmas; it was good.

Alexis: Oh, great. Wonderful. You know I mentioned about … I was going to ask for a referral, so I’d like to do that. Do you know any other business owners that might be able to use my services?

Derek: Yes, I do, but actually, we have been very happy with your services but I have referred them out to a couple of people so I think one person actually reached out to you. It was the Hartmans; I know they ended up using your services. I try to give your name out any time that I can, for sure.

Alexis: Ok. Do you remember the first name for Hartman?

Derek:  Yes. Avery.

Alexis: I’ll have to look back at my records. I really appreciate you thinking of me when someone asks how things are going.

Derek: Yeah, sure. Not a problem.

Alexis: As you can see from my rebrand , I’m starting to work a lot with physicians and other health care workers. Do you know any other physicians that might be in need of my services?

Derek: I don’t really know anyone in the healthcare industry. We don’t really run in those circles as much and yeah, I mean obviously we have a lot of different clients, and so a lot of them already have established relationships with an accountant.

Alexis: Yeah.

Derek:  But conversation does come up from time to time and if they ever ask, I certainly give them your information.

Alexis: Well great! I really appreciate that. So is there anything I could do for you before going into tax season?

Derek: No, I think we’re all set. I know the deductions—we’re kinda going through some of that.

Alexis: Yeah.

Derek: I think one question—we want to reroute the (difficult to understand what he says here) I think we were going to reroute about $24,000, so you had suggested we make it an $8,000 quarterly payment. Would that reduce the $24,000, or is it still a contract for that?

Alexis: Yeah basically so if the $24,000 was the total tax that would end up being due, the $8,000 would reduce it, so . . . what I can do, though . . . .

Derek: Ok. Great.

Alexis: What I can do, though . . . what I can do though is take a quick look and shoot you a quick email today.

Derek: Yeah, that’d be great. Just a . . . based on . . . I think it was $8,300 quarterly, if we paid that, if it would be $1400 now,  or what would that look like? Anyway, I just . . . that was my . . . it would be $1450, but, um, that was my other question. And I guess same thing, if you know of anyone needing website, social media, or any kind of marketing, please feel free to refer us as well.

Alexis: Yes. I’ve actually done that a couple of times, because I love the stuff I’ve seen through your site, especially those that want to work locally, so yeah, definitely, I will. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and of course, if you have any questions, you know where to get ahold of me.

Derek:  All right. Thanks Alexis. I hope you have a –I’m sure it’s going to be hectic—business is for the next couple of months.

Alexis: Thank you so much; I appreciate it.

Derek: All right. Bye bye.

Alexis: Bye bye.


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