How Are Your Sales Efficiencies?

Chuck’s All New Daily PMS Efficiency Chart

Many of you are already familiar with my Weekly Sales PMS Chart-CLICK HERE to read Chuck’s article, Having Sales PMS? The main purpose of the PMS Chart is for sales people/managers to “time log” their activities each week while at the same time track their forecast and actual numbers of their own self imposed sales/management metrics, mainly targeting revenue producing activities. Those that have used the PMS chart have found it useful for staying on track and on goal.

Chuck’s Sales Efficiency Suggestions:

  1. All salespeople on your team should be using this new chart.
  2. Track your efficiencies weekly, then monthly, quarterly, yearly.
  3. Salespeople should set their own daily metrics and forecasts.
  4. Sales Managers: have your own PMS Efficiency Chart for your management duties.
  5. Have a positive attitude about what tracking your efficiencies can do to help you become more efficient—you will make more money in less time!

In an effort to help salespeople and sales managers take the PMS chart to the next level, I have now created the PMS Efficiency Chart. This new tracking system compliments the PMS Weekly Chart and actually goes one step further in allowing the salesperson or manager to actually “grade” the salesperson. Beyond the grade, the user can find weak links in their sales processes which allows them to make changes before non activity become a revenue issue. Remember . . . W.G.M.G.D. “What Gets Measured – Gets DONE!”

Utilize the PMS Efficiency Chart to it fullest potential:

  1. Download my Automated PMS Tracking Chart.
  2. Open up your new chart in Excel.
  3. Follow the steps in the Having Sales PMS? article, defining your daily PMS (Personal Minimum Standards) and your daily numbers on each metric or activity.
  4. Remember, you must have a daily forecast for your PMS Metrics.
  5. Chart your actual results on a daily basis, and at the end of the week the chart will automatically compute your overall weekly sales efficiencies.
  6. Are your Sales Efficiencies hitting 50% efficient each week? 60%, 70%, 80% or will you consistently hit over 90%? The PMS Efficiency Chart is the PERFECT SALES TOOL to really zero in on what you are or are not doing!
  7. Utilize your manager or director for additional help in using the PMS Efficiency Chart to improve your sales and revenue and company profits.

Remember… What Gets Measured – GETS DONE!


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