Increase Sales Belief—Increase Sales Revenue!

Did you see the UPSETS in college football a few years ago? It all started with Appalachian State UPSETTING Michigan 34 – 32. Then . . . look what followed:

  • Stanford UPSETS USC 24 – 23
  • Oregon State UPSETS California 31 – 28
  • Kentucky UPSETS LSU 43 – 37

Personally, I am amused by the hoopla created by the media and pollsters as to the changing status of the #1 College Teams and all the “analysis” of why these NUMBER 1 teams are being upset at an unprecedented rate. How many times this season are we going to hear “Quite possibly the biggest UPSET of the year?”

How did this all happen? I am NOT a sports expert by any means, but the simple truth is that this topsy-turvy college football season has been caused by BELIEF! Appalachian State is the modern day “Roger Banister” story. Roger Banister BELIEVED he could beat the 4-minute mile. He did! Appalachian State had the BELIEF they could beat Michigan. They did!

Look what happened when people started to BELIEVE.

Three major—and I mean MAJOR—college football UPSETS after Appalachian State beats Michigan. Over the next twelve months after Bannister broke the 4-minute mile, more than thirty people also broke that record. In fact, by now over 20,000 people have done it, including many high school athletes.

Let’s examine the Banister story a little closer. In the early 1950s, he announced to the world that he would run the mile in under four minutes. (Hello, Salespeople!—Banister was setting and declaring his goal!) Everyone thought that he had lost his mind. The sports “experts,” the medical establishment—everyone! On May 6th, 1954, he did what he said he would do. Within only one year, over 30 people ran faster than Banister himself. When asked how it was possible for so many people to run that fast so soon, Banister said “It was never a physical boundary, only a mental one.”

Salespeople, this is not rocket science. This is not sports medicine. You CAN achieve the highest levels of sales revenue. You CAN become the best salesperson. You CAN beat the competition. You CAN do all these things if you get your head in the game and mentally BELIEVE you can do it. Yes, certainly there are other things you have to do to be successful, just like Banister did—practice, learn, be persistent, etc. Yet, the basic foundation for success in ANYTHING you do starts with BELIEF!

7 Tips To Achieve Sales Belief and Increase Sales Revenue:

  1. Set and Declare Your Sales Goals!
  2. Possess a WHITE-HOT Burning Desire to Reach Your Goals
  3. Reprogram Yourself With Powerful Positive Daily Self-Talk: “I know I can . . .”
  4. Hang Out With Winners, Not Whiners
  5. Maintain a Confident Attitude (starts with a strong personal foundation – see below)
  6. Implement Good Habits and Exercise Great Sales Self-Discipline
  7. Become Passionate About You, Your Product, and Your Company

Often I will receive communication from a high-level Sales Executive in regard to a salesperson who is struggling. In every case or situation, I can easily find the roadblocks that these salespeople face, many which are self-imposed—created by a lack of belief in themselves. BELIEF is a strong motivator that affects us daily, both personally and professionally, and can easily be corrected by changing one’s attitude.

Create your own “Banister” or “Appalachian State” success story. Both held a strong BELIEF in themselves and their abilities, and so can you! BELIEF, along with a steadfast commitment to being the best, will enable any salesperson to close more sales, close bigger sales, increase market share, and—most of all—give you the fortitude to do what it takes to achieve the highest levels of sales success!

Believe in yourself so your clients will believe in you!


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