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The Perfect “Sales” Storm

Recently I received the following message from a student who is quick to implement what she has learned in her sales coaching sessions. The appointment that is described in this article and video lasted from 7:30am until 12:50pm.

Here is what happened in her words:

  • Customer Objection: I WANT TO THINK ABOUT IT.
  • Chuck’s Coaching Student: What’s there to think about?
  • Customer Response: Well…
  • Chuck’s Coaching Student: Come on. You can tell me. We might as well work this out now. You need help and we need to get started now.
  • Customer Response: I just need to check you out.
  • Chuck’s Coaching Student: I have a photo of my license. Would you like to call the state board?
  • Customer Response: No. I want the name of a client that you have done work for.
  • Chuck’s Coaching Student: Would the name of a city policeman work for you?

Backhoe - The Perfect Sales Storm

Then I spied my Fast Facts Profile on the desk between the customer and his son. His son was sold on me and was trying to get dad to go ahead and sign up. I showed my website to his dad on his computer. The son will be taking over after first of the year so it was important that she win him over.

I stood up, whipped out my cell phone and called the client who gave the testimonial on the Fast Facts Profile and website. He was on a backhoe. I told him I was at a prospective client’s business, then asked would he talk to the guy and answer his questions.

They talked. I heard my client say “She has saved me more In taxes than I ever paid her in fees and if you let her get away, it will be the biggest mistake of your life.”

The prospect hung up the phone and asked “WHERE DO I SIGN?”

Special Note From Chuck:
Everyone reading this should realize that my sales student shared products and her services but never talked price. And it didn’t matter to the customer at that point. She won him over and as long as the price was reasonable, which it was, she got it done. The point is, what people fail to realize is that she did not discuss price with him—he signed.

I smiled and handed the paper and pen to him. I got a few more things and he signed up for all my services without thought. In addition, I never asked him about it and I didn’t ask him to make the phone call. I had to think quick and act and I DIDN’T ASK PERMISSION TO MAKE THAT CALL.

Chuck’s Coaching Student: Tomorrow I will deliver chocolate and a thank you note to my client who gave the live testimonial by phone. He loves chocolate. Seeing the testimonial on my website and in writing is good. This guy also needed to hear it. He had never met me and this was first visit. Can’t blame him. I believe these to be good people who can truly use my help.

This is one of the best examples of closing and overcoming objections that I have ever seen in thirty years of coaching. The student utilized all 6 KEYS of the CBS Scale—without thinking “Should I . . . ?” Stopping to think about it would have lost time and opportunity and probably the prospect. More importantly, when salespeople are presented with the objection “I need to think about it” specifically, they respond with the worst word ever in this situation, and that word is “Okay . . . I’ll go to somebody else and sell some Girl Scout cookies.”

She created the perfect . . . sales storm. This coaching student put all of the hundreds of little things together that we teach that have to be done in a specific order to make deals happen. She had everything going for her.

When you have presented the information properly and realize you’re your client or prospect is overthinking the situation, do what this successful coaching student did and overdo. You will be rewarded—and so will your clients from benefitting from your services.


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