Steps To Referral Program Sustainability

Build A Sustainable Referral Network

Steps To Referral Program Sustainability

With this and any referral program, what you need is a program that is so simple and systematic that when you set it in motion, it requires ZERO thought and only needs to be revisited once or twice a year for minor refinements!

I received a question from a coaching student who is a CPA. He does annual tax preparation for individuals and monthly tax work for companies and corporations, who are a more high-value target.

As a part of Rick’s referral program, he sends 25 dollars for a tax client referral and 250 dollars for a corporate client. He would like more corporate referrals and asked “I can stay with the Starbuck’s card for the tax referrals, keep it simple and systematic. How can I get the message to these referral sources that we are also looking for business customers?”

With this and any referral program, what can be done is program expansion. This isn’t complicated. Once you do this, you can set it in motion and not think about it until you want to refine it.

A referral card is the tool you need to get started.

It is a 3.5×5 card on which you ask for specific types of referrals. The CPA who asked about referrals could specify corporate client referrals on the front side of the card and tax client referrals on the back.

Use the referral response card for hardcopy mail and email. The hardcopy card goes into every piece of mail you send out. Use each electronic file for a social media post. Use the front side file as an email signature graphic and the back side file as a secondary email signature graphic.

Get a double-sided flyer to do the hard work for you!

You can also put the information in an 8.5×11 document with the referral bonus information on each side. Then you can load the front and back sides onto social media, and emailed as separate documents, depending on the type of referral you are seeking. You can even print it out and mail the hardcopy as a part of a B.R.R.P. (Buyer’s Remorse Prevention Package) or other mailing.

You don’t have to use mail or email first. You can block out time and call your VIP clients and let them know about the referral bonus. Then after the call, email a call recap and include the marketing pieces.

Once you have spoken with your VIP clients, call your prospect, let them know about the bonuses, and use the same follow up. Prospects could become clients while referring you to more prospects!

Let your referral system run so you can run your business!

It is important to have a system in place that you do without thought, so that it runs smoothly. Whenever you have a challenge, like this coaching student, you should fix it on the spot and then put something in place to prevent it from ever happening again.

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