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Thank Yous Advance Intimacy

One way to consistently “attract” business is through passive-aggressive communication techniques. Using these skills further advances intimacy with your clients and keeps you in touch with them. More importantly, you separate yourself from the masses of salespeople who do not use these types of skills. This module assists you and your team in mastering the art of using “Thank You” notes to advance your business.

Make it so your clients want to do business with you!

  • CLIENT SATISFACTION: It is important, especially with the four major personality styles, to come to fruition through regular contact with the people or companies you deal with.
  • IMMEDIACY: As soon as your contact has concluded, you must immediately follow through. A call to immediate action is a very important attraction skill. Your clients want to see immediate action, so when sending thank you cards, do it right away. A salesperson who waits a few days or even weeks after the contact will lose. The salesperson who immediately follows up will gain the attention of their client and win. You want to receive this type of response from your client: “This person is on the ball; I am impressed by their skills. I will have no reservations giving this person my business.”

Two Important Intimacy Building Skills

  • THE “THANK YOU” BUSINESS CARD TECHNIQUE: When handing your business card to someone or sending them your card in the mail, write these phrases on the back of your card: “Thank you, in advance, for the opportunity to someday serve your needs. My first goal is to help my clients, customers, and prospects who like me and trust me. Thanks!”
    • Contacts: Whenever you meet someone and there has been the slightest discussion or interest about your business or service.
    • Re-Contact: Mail a thank you note after every contact.
    • After the Order: Thank them for the time they spent with you and congratulate them on making a wise choice.
    • Someone who is Referring: Thank them for the referral and let them know that you will treat anyone they refer to you with the same degree of professionalism you’ve shown them. Keep these folks abreast of any developments from their referrals.
    • Just Because: Make yourself look for people who would do anything for you and find a way to go the extra mile for them, such as referring them to someone, and letting them know how much you appreciate and respect their effort. Examples include “Welcome aboard for a new client,” “Someone at the office went out of their way for you,” “A record has been broken,” or “Someone just got a big check.”
    • People Who Tell You “No:” Send a note to them thanking them for their time. Let them know that you’re still interested in serving them or others they know. Smother them with kindness.
    • Customer Service Departments: Train your customer service people to send at least one thank you card per day to a client. The card needs to be handwritten with a short message about having the opportunity to serve the client. One a day, over a year, makes over 300 positive contacts for your company. Just think! If you have 10 customer service reps all sending one card a day, think of what the positive results will be over time!

Sample Text for Thank You Cards

  • Phone Contact:
    “Thank you for talking with me on the phone. In today’s busy world, time is precious. You can rest assured that I will always be respectful of your time as we further discuss the benefits of ________.”
  • In-Person Contact:
    “Just a short note to thank you for taking your time today to speak with me about ________. Please find attached ________ that will provide you with more information. I look forward to speaking with you soon.”
  • After a Presentation:
    “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share with you ________. I believe that ________ is your best alternative in ________ your business.”
  • After the Order or Application:
    “Just a short note to congratulate you on enrolling with ________. I know that ________ looks forward to be in service to you and your business.”
  • For a Referral:
    “Thank you for your kind referral. You can rest assured that anyone you refer to me will receive the highest degree of professional courtesy possible.”
  • After a “No” or a Refusal:
    “It is with sincere regret that your immediate plans do not include committing to ________. However, I appreciate your time and consideration. If you need further information, please feel free to call on me. In addition, I will keep you posted on further developments with ________.” (Start an email drip list for “no” clients.)
  • Anyone who Gives You Service:
    “Thank you. It’s gratifying to meet someone dedicated to giving good service. Your efforts are appreciated. If my company or I can serve you in any way, please don’t hesitate to call.”

E-mail or Snail Mail?

When it comes time to work with that large account and your attraction skills must be at their best. E-mail is great for broad-range announcements, but the personal touch of a handwritten note sent through regular mail does more to advance intimacy with a client.

Find a pen and a blank “Thank you” card and get busy!


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