Visual Impressions Advance Sales

What Will Inspire You To Advance Your Sales?

Just as you should use sales tools to make a visual impression on prospects and clients, you should use tools to make a visual impression on yourself to motivate you to make sales! If others make negative comments about this process, it simply means they’re envious. Don’t let them change your practices in motivation. Use the visual impressions that motivate you to implement your revenue-producing activities so you can work smarter, make more money, and take more quality time off!

Each week I am in a sales office in Dallas, consulting and coaching what I believe is one of the very best sales forces I’ve ever come across. Their sales process and product are some of the most involved and complicated that I have ever encountered, and because of that they only have highly trained sales professionals working there—3%-ers, all of them.

One of their top producers uses visual impressions in his office. He keeps a large poster on his door of his weekly and monthly monetary goal, written large in colorful ink so that EVERYONE in and around the office knows! Furthermore, he has his main sales efficiencies metrics posted—how many client calls and appointments he must make daily to meet those goals.

When you walk inside his office, you see photographs and mementoes of his family: pictures of his beautiful wife and children, snapshots from camping trips, arts-and-crafts pieces that were brought to Dad from a school projects . . . . And, again, he posts daily and weekly sales goals everywhere for him to see. Not long ago he also had a large photograph of a BMW 750 hanging on that wall, which he recently took down. Why? He made his goal—and BOUGHT the car!

Beyond that, this individual is very focused on his work. His defines his goals. He makes the best use of his sales time. And he works SMART. He’s fully aware of what makes him tick, and he, like many other top sales professionals, surrounds himself with the visual impressions that keep him implementing and on track to reach his goals.

Reasons To Use Visual Impressions To Advance Your Sales:

  1. Helps you stay focused on YOUR big picture.
  2. A constant reminder of why you work hard.
  3. When you have an off day or find yourself unmotivated, your visual impressions will keep your head in the game and keep you motivated to continue to advance your sales.
  4. You will stay positive because you surround yourself with things that are important to you.
  5. When others see your personal goals, they know you are taking it to the next level, and, in most cases, they will do what they can to help you implement—and perhaps even keep you accountable to yourself!
  6. If you are off track, others may encourage you to get back on track!

Top Three Visual Impressions You MUST Have In Your Space:

  • Your daily income of what you MUST make in dollars.
  • Your monthly income target goal of what YOU must make.
  • Your DREAM ITEM… trip, tablet, house, property, car, boat… whatever you want.

However, family pictures don’t count—making income for your family is a given. You must consider what YOU need to make in YOUR OWN dollars in order to be truly motivated!

Now, go one step further. Whatever your dream toy or motivation is, REALLY get it in your head. For example, let’s say that your dream car is a red Mustang convertible. Don’t just get a brochure and tack it up on the wall. Go to that dealer and test drive that car. Feel it, smell it, drive it, and get your picture taken with it! Today might not be the day you purchase the car, yet today might be the day that you start EARNING the car through an increase in sales. Better yet, rent the car for a weekend trip and really get the feel of it into your blood. One of my sales students in Dexter, Michigan, did this recently, and I am certain that someday very soon his dream car will be parked permanently in his driveway.

Sales Managers, this tip is for you! Every quarter, plan on having someone from the car dealership, the boat dealer, the travel agent, the technology expert, the jeweler—or whoever—come for a special show at your office. Have lunch brought in and have your salespeople dive into their dreams. Allowing them to touch, taste, and feel what motivates them puts their heads into the game just a little bit further, gives them even more of an edge to work to meet their goals. Make it a surprise for them. Just let them know to be at the office at a certain time for a meeting. This is one meeting that will pleasantly surprise them!

Don’t put this off! Use visual impressions to give you the motivation, discipline, tenacity, and implementation to further your sales and career!

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