Utilizing a Prospect Follow-Up Chart

You must follow up! If you don’t, your prospects will think you have ghosted them—to use current parlance—and they will never see a reason to get back to you! One way to help you follow up—and keep on track!—is a Prospect Follow Up Chart.

Many people I have met on my business travels do not practice precision-based selling. They don’t have any set steps or flow to follow, and thus miss out on valuable opportunities—as do their potential clients!

So in Sales/Business Tune Ups, I implement a Prospect Follow-Up Chart with the salesperson or company based on their industry and sales procedures.

First I examine closely the product, company, and their typical salesperson. Then I look in detail at their typical client style and apply closing principles. After more analysis, I put together a follow chart that, when followed closely, will help the salespeople to implement and track their specific sales steps with their prospects.

Some of the steps and items within those steps I recommend may be unfamiliar to them, but all the steps and items are there to help as revenue-producing activities that keep them on the prospects’ minds and keep their minds on the prospects! With the follow up chart, they will know what their next step will be—they will not have to wonder, and, in wondering, lose time, prospects, and sales! I also recommend that salespeople use Outlook’s Calendar to give their prospecting power and efficiency in time management and tracking.

Possibilities For Your Prospect Follow-Up Chart:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Email
  • Date
  • Cell #
  • Business #
  • Date of Birth
  • Passion
  • Client Type
  • Personality Style
  • Contact Preference
  • Major Objection
  • Google+ URL
  • Facebook URL
  • Twitter URL
  • YouTube URL
  • Date Initial Call Made
  • Thank You Sent
  • Brochure Sent
  • Website Visited
  • Fast Facts Profile Sent
  • Main Point Card Sent
  • 3rd Party Testimonial
  • PowerPoint Reviewed
  • Conf. Call Scheduled
  • Seminar Scheduled
  • 7-Day Follow-Up Sch.
  • 30-Day Follow-Up Sch.
  • Need Help With _______
  • Referral Asked For
  • TOMA Touch
  • Done Deal
  • Maybe
  • No

The “Client Type” could be: A & B, VIP & Non VIP, or more elaborate using Advocate, Client, Customer, Prospect, Suspect, and assigning certain values to each one. Think about this list, then write down the ones that will work for your sales process!

Whether you have 5, 50, or 500 potential clients, the Prospect Follow-Up Chart will keep you on track with each client. Most companies that use these types of follow-up charts will ask their sales people to keep them in a notebook on their desk. In fact, one sales CEO that I consult with requires it. Or you could keep the chart on your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

C-Level executives, sales managers, and business owners will also find this useful to see how each salesperson is doing with each client. And in most cases, the more checkmarks there are on the Prospect Follow-Up Chart, the closer the salesperson is to closing the deal.

Even if your company does not require one, create your Follow-Up Chart NOW and upgrade your revenue-producing activities and time efficiencies to achieve immediate success! You can even take it to the next step and use the Business Manager Feature in Microsoft Outlook. Or you could choose one of the elaborate electronic-based systems that can take you to the highest levels of sales efficiencies. Pick one TODAY and start using your own Prospect Follow-Up Chart—it will save you time and make you more money while closing and fostering new clients with higher levels of sales professionalism and implementation!

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