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The Angry Gatekeeper

Think about the following sales situation for just a minute:

You’re in pharmaceutical sales. You’re going into a medical facility. You know this medical facility has two gatekeepers. You also know that in the reception area there are seats for 20-to-30 people to wait for doctors. You’ve done the proper follow-up. You’ve done a TOMA campaign. You arrive at the predesignated time for the appointment… as you walk into the facility, one of the two gatekeepers points at you and shouts:


What an interesting dilemma! Any salesperson—whether in the pharmaceutical industry or any other sales industry—might be intimidated by this response or might even be shocked. You already know that there is only one thing that you could have done in your TOMA campaign to make that happen: sending out your Jim Rohn books.

How many of you have sent out a Rohn book?

How many of you haven’t? There are some of you who even have the Rohn books locked away in a cardboard box somewhere. They need to be sent out to start getting you sales mileage with your prospects AND their gatekeepers.

To finish the story, the gatekeeper looked at the salesperson and said “I want you to know something… I’m the one who opens the mail around here and I’m the one who opened those two envelopes for my bosses. Not only did I not get one of those books that you sent… I didn’t get one of those Starbucks gift cards!” The salesperson then looked at her smiled—knowing that he did the right thing. The rest of the story is history.

Being distinctive in sales—you’re doing it right when you encounter your first gatekeeper who is angry that you didn’t also consider them in your positive first impression TOMA campaign. To get the stories like this one… to be “THE ONE” to make that happen, you’ve got to follow through with your TOMA campaigns. With over thirty years of proven TOMA success, this easy-to-implement campaign’s feeding schedule takes only 15-to-20 minutes to follow. Stop overthinking and start over DOING! Get yourself a set sales process and you will get the sales mileage you need to create reactions like this one in all of your sales appointments.

Congratulations to Sean in the Charlotte, North Carolina, area for making this experience happen. If he hadn’t taken the time to get the colored envelope and the .68 cent stamps, and send out those Rohn books, he would never have had this happen to him. Two thumbs up!

Have you had similar a experience?
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