Listen: Utilizing Delay Send for Emails on FICPA

Listen: Utilizing Delay Send for Emails
Hosted by Mia Thomas

Put technology to work for you! In this 9 minute podcast with host Mia Thomas, FICPA Director of Learning, Chuck Bauer details how to work smarter by utilizing the power delay send emails using the tools you already have.

A national organization with over 25,000 members, The Florida Institute of CPAs has asked Chuck to keynote two of their upcoming conferences with over 450 people in attendance. If you are interested in seeing Chuck speak live, check out the upcoming conferences hosted by the Florida Institute of CPAs.

Why use delay send emails? As a CPA or Accounting Firm business owner, it is critical to stand out from your competition and deepen your relationships with your clients. By using delay send emails, you are telling your clients that you are keyed into the things that are important them.

  • Remind clients of appointments, deadlines, or meetings.
  • Wish your client a happy birthday or congratulate them on a special event.
  • Deliver bad news after you leave the office allowing your client to have a chance to calm down before they respond.
  • Schedule your emails to arrive at an optimal time.
  • Manage expectations by preventing your emails from arriving at odd hours or on weekends.

Save time, improve efficiency, and deepen your relationship with your clients. Listen to the full conversation between Chuck Bauer and Mia to get some specific scenarios where delay send emails will improve your client relationships then get a jump on your competition by implementing this important strategy in your communication cycle today!

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Through his highly-successful program The Concierge CPA, his partnership with PASBA, and his extensive experience training CPA & Accounting firm owners, Chuck maintains a thriving virtual consulting practice that helps his global client base generate exponential year over year net revenue increases. He has directly helped over 125 small & medium-sized CPA & Accounting Firm owners streamline operations, increase sales, and skyrocket revenue. Put Chuck Bauer to work for you and experience immediate gains for yourself and your firm.

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