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Recruiting Mastery: McQuaig Assessment

We have our recruiting flyer. We have our career package. We’ve done all the right things. We’ve gone through thirty resumes. We’ve done phone interviews with the top ten candidates. We’ve identified the three people to interview. We’ve done the interviews. And we now believe we have found the one person. But there’s one more thing that must be done. The last thing you do before you make any agreement or say anything to that one person is put them through a McQuaig Assessment to assess their sales personality.

Put your candidate through a sales personality assessment!

The one that I believe is the best is the McQuaig Assessment. Know this: I have been dabbling with personality assessments for almost thirty years. I know and understand Meyers-Briggs, I know Disc, I know BrainStyles, I know the colors, I know the animals, and all those kinds of things out there. But McQuaig, by far, uses the most extensive assessment to find out who the individual is and what the individual is, and it is a great tool to confirm the suspicion of the sales manager that this is the person who we’re actually going to hire because what they are in reality is how they are on the assessment.

As we look at the McQuaig Assessment, one of the assessments that we use tells us if people really understand the dynamics of the position for which they are applying. Another one that we use will actually take a snapshot of the person’s situational style. What the situation tells us is how the person wants other people to perceive them and a snapshot that tells us how the person really is. It enables us, without a shadow of a doubt, to find out how they react to situations.

  • Do they have dominance in their personality style?
  • Do they have a little bit of that sociability that we’re looking for?
  • Do they have that high level of drive that will give them discipline, tenacity, and implementation?
  • And, most importantly, are they independent? Will we be able to put them in the sales position and let them run, or are we going to have to babysit?

All these suspicions need to be confirmed before you hire that person.

So if we can help you out with the McQuaig Assessment so you can confirm your suspicions that the person you suspect is the right candidate for the job is the right candidate for the job, please let us know. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

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