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Listen: Setting Sales Processes with Chuck Bauer on NBRFM

Listen: Setting Sales Processes with Chuck Bauer on NBRFM
Hosted by Sal Giangrasso

In this podcast episode for NBRFM with host Sal Giangrasso, Chuck Bauer discusses the importance of settings sales processes that will create positive first impressions and manage expectations in any type of meeting—whether it’s face-to-face, virtual, or on the phone. It’s all about the power of using Discovery and Conclusion Agendas in your sales meetings!

“At the end of your conclusion meeting, don’t forget to ask ‘Oh, by the way, what other companies do you know that could use my services?’ and then shut up. Your silence will get your client thinking about who else they could send your way…”

—Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer

Create a positive first impression and manage expectations with this simple tactic to close more sales and earn you important referrals that you need to stop chasing and start being chased. Listen to the full conversation between Chuck Bauer and Sal to fully learn how to set effective, revenue-producing, sales processes that will have conversions go through the roo


Level up YOUR sales and business strategies!

Chuck’s insights come from observing LIVE sales calls and business transactions through his work as a professional business coach, not to mention over 40,000 minutes of LIVE Virtual training per year. His clients, including sales professionals, business owners, and C-level executives, will tell you time and time again that Chuck’s tactics have saved deals, streamlined operations, and skyrocketed revenue. Put Chuck Bauer to work for you and experience immediate gains for yourself and your company.

Contact Chuck NOW!
817-524-8156 or chuck@chuckbauer.com


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