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Social Media 102

Turn Social Media Into Social SALES Media!

Traditional marketing yields traditional results. Untraditional marketing yields untraditional results. Think about this for a minute. Century 21 used traditional methods for decades. But recently they’ve made a change. They went untraditional. They took their big advertising budget and transferred it to their social media campaign. Within twelve months, they increased their leads 100% and at the same time reduced their acquisition costs for those leads.

How do companies make sure clients and potential clients connect? One way is “follow me” icons for the four main social media sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Those icons need to be on your company website, on marketing materials to clients and prospects, on personal marketing materials—anything sent out. I include follow me icons on all my personal marketing materials, flyers, power point media, my website, and other items.

Social Media Doesn’t Take Long

I hear this all the time:  “Oh, it takes too much time! We’re not going to get much business from it!” That’s a weak link attitude, and if you take it, there are probably a lot of other weak places in your business. Weak link attitudes are revenue-deterring attitudes, and you need to dispense with them and make time for things that will generate revenue—including social media. It does not take as much time as you imagine it does. You have to take the pro-active attitude that says “I’m going to be on all four social media sites and I’m going to put a quick message on all four.”

Every day I think of something that will help my clients and prospects and put it on social media. It could be a link to a video to watch, an assessment to take, or an article to read that will help their business. You could also offer a catalog, a free analysis, promotional products, or information about an event.  Making and following through with a plan to use social media on a set schedule, whether Monday through Thursday or Monday through Friday, will keep you and your company on top of your clients’ and prospects’ minds, increase brand awareness, and help people make an informed decision about what it’s going to take to be your customer.

Untraditional marketing yields untraditional results.

So remember this: in your marketing efforts, it’s always best to go untraditional. Use social media to get on top and STAY on top of your clients’ and prospects’ minds.

Turn social media into social SALES media!


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