Social Media—Stay on Top of Your Sales Game

Social Media can be sales media and it is here to stay! In addition to creating believability, social media gives clients and prospects the opportunity to stay in touch with your company or brand—and it provides them an easy-to-use venue to promote and refer to your products and services to their friends.

Watch this short series of videos from Sales / Business Coach Chuck Bauer and learn how to market your brand and increase your sales through social sales media. Then, follow Chuck’s social media pages. Stay up-to-date with free sales tips and resources and get notified of expert training opportunities for your entire sales and management staff.

Social Media Lessons To Stay on Top of Your Sales Game

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With more than two decades of winning experience in sales, marketing, and communication-related fields, Sales / Business Coach Chuck Bauer brings his innovative and distinctive business insight to any business environment. His passionate commitment to excellence is illustrated in his consulting, coaching, and speaking work. His no-nonsense approach to sales professionalism and real-results management sets Chuck apart from a field too often full of hucksters of half-baked formulas and hawkers of outmoded sales “tricks.”

Each week he personally oversees numerous sales processes—from listening to LIVE sales phone calls to sitting in on LIVE face-to-face appointment between professional salespeople and their clients. He truly lives out his motto: “Set the example by exceeding the standards.”

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