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The Top Secret Sales Question

Every salesperson out there can change their sales revenue dramatically by using the “Top Secret Sales Question.” This question, could result in an immediate 10% to 15% annual revenue increase if used properly!

Here is the Top Secret Sales Question:

Can you believe how simple that is? Four words. That’s correct: only four words. One of the most powerful questions a salesperson can have in their sales process. It is easy to ask the question, yet it is easy NOT to ask the question if you don’t understand its significance and make it a part of your sales process NOW. Most important is the client’s response to it.

Now, take a moment to note EXACTLY how the Top Secret Sales Question reads. It doesn’t say “Tell me about your business” or “Tell me about you personally” or “Tell me about your company.” It simply says: TELL ME ABOUT YOU.

Here is why you MUST ask the question exactly as I pose it to you. When you ask it in the way I am emphasizing, the question is neutral and open ended—it does not prompt a specific response from your client and thus allows for a free-flowing response from them. You will never know ahead of time what kind of answer you will get, but it will always give you great information to use in the rest of your conversation with them!

Why should you ask this type of neutral question?

The biggest and most significant reason is that through the client’s spontaneous response, two very important insights will become obvious:

  • The Personality Style of the Client!
    i.e.: Director, Socializer, Relater, Thinker. Knowing this allows you to structure your presentations so you can mold it around the personality style of your client. You will find out HOW to close to them—and this brings you closer to CLOSING the deal!
  • Buying Clues!
    You give a green light to your client to speak. LISTEN UP and listen for buying clues that your client will give you, consciously or not. This brings you closer to CLOSING the deal!

Salespeople who have a decline curve on their revenue stream are usually guilty of selling their product as if they were selling themselves because they are more comfortable selling how they want to be sold to, rather than selling how the PROSPECT and CLIENT wants to be sold to. However, if you want to increase your revenue stream, you need to be aware that you must modify your presentation around your individual client. And you start this process by asking “Tell Me About You” . . . and then being quiet!

Now, understand the depth of this training. When you give the client a GREEN light to speak and do not prompt their brain for a specific response, the client FEELS that you REALLY want to listen. This automatically sets up a sales distinction. Beyond that, if you REALLY listen to the response—and the client senses that you are LISTENING—you start building the bridge of trust and intimacy that leads to intimate human connection. Once that bridge is complete, the client feels safe with you and will disclose to you the buying clues that you need to help you close the sale.

When do I ask the Top Secret Sales Question?

The next question I get from salespeople is “When do I ask the Top Secret Sales Question?” The answer is pretty simple: within the first 1-5 minutes of normal dialogue with a client—key word being DIALOGUE—not when you are doing your sales pitch.

Don’t meet your client, shake hands, and immediately ask, “Well, tell me about you.” Have some dialogue first, find a little common ground, and then pop the Top Secret Sales Question. But don’t just ask it conversationally: ask it like a public speaker would if asking it in front of a large audience. Speak slowly, methodically, and with confidence in your voice. Make eye contact with your client (or make eye contact with yourself via a mirror if your communication is via a phone call). Bring your hand to your chin and really look at the client. Become silent for just a moment, giving them a pondering look as if you are really ready to say something of significance. Speak SLOWLY.

Then, while looking them in the eye, say . . . “Mr. Client, do me a favor, and TELL ME ABOUT YOU.” Articulate it as a direct statement. Then be prepared to listen, and I mean really listen, to all the insights that will come across in their response! Don’t interrupt, don’t give advice, and don’t formulate a response . . . just really listen to them! Be prepared to write down the significant content of their dialogue!

What Happens With Client Responses:

  • The Director – Immediate response with some sort of ego statement: “I have the most successful . . . I have this, I have that, etc.” The response could be structured 1,000 different ways, yet if you detect EGO via your superior listening skills, you will know that is a Director personality.
  • The Socializer – Immediate response with some sort of feelings-based statement such as “my family, my kids, my friends” or “I heard about you from so and so,” etc.
  • The RelaterDELAYED response so they can think about your question and decide on what they FEEL about YOU. Then they ask you that question to take the spotlight away from themselves, because the last thing the Relater wants is to be placed in the spotlight. If you continue to talk about feelings-based subjects for a few minutes, they usually will settle down and start talking with you.
  • The ThinkerDELAYED response because they are THINKING. When they stop thinking, they will go silent, then say “That is an interesting question . . . why do you ask?” Your answer is simple: “I am asking because your responses to that question will help me better understand you so I can be sure to deliver you information on my product or service in a way you like to be communicated to.” Fair enough? Isn’t TRUTH a powerful sales ally?

Remember, this method is not 100% successful but it comes pretty dang close. Daily practice will help your proficiency so that you can use the responses to understand the client’s needs and wants and get closer to closing the deal.

Think about it! Do you REALLY listen? Do you really care about the client? Or do you only know how to suck up & kiss up? Those superficial practices will never build that bridge of intimacy with the client, the bridge that you can build from using the intentional, mindful advanced skills that help you establish true depth of intimacy with a client. No matter how skilled you are right now, I challenge all of you include this easy sales method into your sales processes. If you do, and implement it today, I can guarantee you at least a 10% increase in closings and in your revenue.


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