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As many of you know, I encourage all salespeople to have a plethora of sales tools at their disposal. From structured sales infrastructures, to personal websites, Fast Facts Profiles, Main Point Cards, Referral Response Cards, and using video e-mail, there is a broad range of tools to use in all phases of a sale process.

On my TOP TEN LIST of sales tools list, you would find the book titled “Words That Sell” on the top of that list. This book has four main functions that every salesperson can benefit from:

  1. Increase your verbal vocabulary ten-fold
  2. Increase your writing vocabulary ten-fold
  3. Increase your sales distinctions ten-fold over your competitors
  4. Help you CLOSE more business

Words That Sell has received many accolades from various salespeople and organizations and Advertising Age summed it up with this comment: “You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.” How true!

When I first found the book I was shocked at how much useful information was contained in it. I was so impressed I did two immediate things. One, I purchased books for my entire Sales Tools Development Team, including my staff writer, proofreader, graphics artist and webmaster. Secondly, I contacted all my current sales coaching and sales management students and encouraged them to make a small investment and purchase one. Hello . . . it is only a $12.00 investment at amazon.com!

Reviewing the chapters in the book will give you an immediate idea as to why this needs to be a book that should be within reach of your laptop at all times. Here they are:

  • Grabbers
    Making The Reader Sit Up & Take Notice
  • Descriptions & Benefits
    Conveying The Value of Your Product or Service
  • Clinchers
    Closing Statements That Motivate Your Audience To Respond!
  • Special Strategies
    Building or Bashing an Image, Selling Yourself, and More!

Now, don’t let the fact that there are only four chapters in this book sway you away from investing in it. In fact, just look at the sub chapters found under Clinchers & Special Strategies:

  • Persuading Your Audience
  • Minimizing Risk
  • The Moment of Decision
  • The Call To Action
  • The P.S.
  • The Lift Note
  • Guarantees
  • Order Information
  • Following Through
  • Enhancing Your Company’s Image
  • Justifying A High Price
  • Knocking the Competition
  • Using Demographics to Impress
  • Flattering The Reader
  • Selling Yourself: Personal Traits
  • Selling Yourself: Achievements
  • Selling Your Ideas

So, how do you apply this book to increase your sales revenue?

  1. Buy it!
  2. Review the chapters and “tab” the pages that you know right away could have an immediate impact on your sales. Study those chapters and “pick” words or phrases that you will implement in your vocabulary. Highlight those words or phrases, make a short list of the ones you will start using.
  3. In your own sales processes, start recording your “pitch.” Everyone can record themselves, from a out-dated cassette player to using your newer technology utilizing your recording system built into your Microsoft suite on your computer. The best yet would be to video tape yourself in an effort to make great strides in becoming a better communicator and/or salesperson!

As usual, IMPLEMENTATION is at the heart of all my trainings! Do yourself a favor, invest in the book, implement with some action and activity, and e-mail me with your progress and let me know how this book as a sales tool is helping you!

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