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Listen: Working Smarter with Chuck Bauer on FICPA

Listen: Working Smarter & Managing Your Time with Chuck Bauer on FICPA

Hosted by Mia Thomas

With over two decades of sales training and business development experience, Chuck has worked with countless individuals to help them work smarter, make more money, and take more quality time off. In this informative 18 minute podcast with host Mia Thomas, FICPA Director of Learning, Chuck sits down to discuss working smarter and time management strategies that will work immediately for any CPA or Accounting Firm business owner.

“Don’t overthink the think! With highly-analytical people, procrastinating a decision is an attempt to find the worst case scenario. Put a deadline on your decisions!”

—Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer

TIME IS MONEY. So how much money are losing each day due to procrastination and inefficiency? In Chuck’s experience, nearing every office he visits in his on-site training sessions are over 70% inefficient. The bad news is this probably includes you… but here’s some good news—your competition is struggling too.

Listen to the full conversation between Chuck Bauer and Mia and get a jump on your competition by implementing even a few of these simple strategies. You immediately reclaim your focus, improve efficiency, save time, and boost your overall revenue.

Want more? Level up your efficiency, productivity, and REVENUE!

Through his highly-successful program The Concierge CPA, his partnership with PASBA, and his extensive experience training CPA & Accounting firm owners, Chuck maintains a thriving virtual consulting practice that helps his global client base generate exponential year over year net revenue increases. He has directly helped over 100 small & medium-sized CPA & Accounting Firm owners streamline operations, increase sales, and skyrocket revenue. Put Chuck Bauer to work for you and experience immediate gains for yourself and your firm.

Contact Chuck NOW!
817-524-8156 or chuck@chuckbauer.com


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