How a Set Sales Process Helps Sales Staff Close Deals Faster

Two business people shaking hands to close a deal.

Wouldn’t it be great if a sale just closed itself? It can! When you combine the PersonalitySelling tactics with the set sales process that I teach in my Professional Sales Training Program, you’ll effortlessly close more sales without working harder.

Two business people shaking hands to close a deal.

Using a Sales Process and DSRT to Close the Deal!

“I met with our customer yesterday to close the deal. Prior to the meeting, we had him on TOMA, Screencast Quote, DARB, and we made two different samples for them to review. I already had identified him as a Director personality. During my 2-hour trip to my appointment, I reviewed my notes from Chuck about Negotiation. I was fine-tuned, polished, and ready to go.

We introduced ourselves. Without any additional small talk, he said, “Let’s go look at your sample.” We were halfway through the plant when he stopped and said, “Wow, your company is hi-tech with the quotes you sent me and your flyers highlighting key points of interest.”

As we got to where we could to see the sample; it was gone. He asked his production manager where it was; the manager told us that he had already used it and sent it through the system. My customer looked at me, smiled, and said, “Well, at least we know it works!”

At this point, our meeting was cut short. Just before parting ways, I asked, “When can we expect our first PO#?” to which he said he’ll have one this month.

As I got in my truck to leave, I noticed my notes. It was then that I realized: I never had to do any negotiating! Because he was a Director personality, all his questions were already answered in professional manner through our set sales process. I didn’t need to negotiate at all because the TOMA process set me up to succeed before I even got there.”

– Mark Berry
Sales Director, Palleton, Inc.
Omaha, Nebraska

A diverse group of a four business men and business women each holding a large colorful puzzle piece to represent the four different types of personality selling styles.How Does Combination of Sales Tactics Work?

The first step is to understand your prospect or customer. Students of PersonalitySelling know that salespeople encounter four very different personality styles when dealing with prospects and clients. Each personality type responds uniquely to different types of emotional, analytical, or socially persuasive sales pitches.

By determining what type of personality your prospect or client is, you can fine-tune your message and campaign to appeal specifically to their personality type. Take that data and plug it into your company’s set sales process and TOMA campaign. The result will be a powerfully persuasive automated sales closing machine that will help you and your sales staff close more deals before you even get to the meeting!

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