About Chuck Bauer Sales & Business Consulting


About Chuck Bauer Sales & Business Consulting

My name is Chuck Bauer and I am the owner and founder of Chuck Bauer Sales & Business Consulting. My clients, including both companies and individuals, specialize in Working Smarter, Making More Money, and Taking More Quality Time Off.

They accomplish this by being up to 70% more efficient which is the result of our 30+ years of experience in sales and business. I have personally sat in and observed thousands of live sales appointments. I have overseen hundreds of live interactions between the C-Suite Executives, Business Owners, Managers, and their Staff Members.

As a client, you will be provided fresh, innovative, and proven out-of-the-box approaches that, when implemented, will bring immediate increases to your revenue and efficiencies. Benefit from our comprehensive on-site workshops, our live high-definition WebEx sales & business consulting programs, or take advantage of targeted courses in our online learning center.

Give your company and team the tactical and competitive advantages that will take your company to the next level!


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We want to make sure each of our students receive every opportunity to work smarter. That includes giving them access to a personal assistant so they can spend more time doing things that really matter!

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