Chuck Bauer’s 24/7 Help Desk

Whether you’re a salesperson, sales manager, business owner, or C-Level executive, you will benefit from Chuck Bauer’s 24/7 Help Desk and its time-saving services.


Get the help you need, when you need it. We want to make sure each of our students receive every opportunity to work smarter. That includes giving them access to a personal assistant so they can spend more time doing things that really matter!

The many services provided by the Help Desk give our training students a way to catch up, keep up, and race their way to becoming leaders in their industry. You’re a busy professional and we understand that change and implementation can be a challenge. We want to make sure that you are implementing: getting your tasks done, your homework completed, and progressing in becoming the powerhouse sales or business person that you are destined to be!

Whether you’re a salesperson, manager, business owner, or C-Level executive, you will benefit from the 24/7 Help Desk and the services that are available to you!


Access To Our Help Desk Is Available To ALL Of Our Training Students

Lisa Cox:
Your Personal Project Manager
(817) 524-8156

Our Help Desk is run by Lisa Cox, Chuck Bauer’s Executive Assistant and long-time associate. Lisa has been with us for many years and a lot of our clients love her for the work she does. You don’t even need to check with Chuck first because every student is automatically given a couple of hours of her time each month.

Have a question or need assistance implementing one of Chuck’s techniques? Just log into our 24/7 cloud (our preferred method of communication) and ask Lisa for help. Have an E-Status question or challenge for Chuck? Let Lisa know! Because of Chuck’s travel and training schedule, she will act as your primary point of contact to assist you with challenges as they occur.

We're Here to Help, and
We Really Mean It.

This FREE service is a great value added to the investment in our training programs. You can count on the services provided by the Help Desk program to be an integral part of your continued success. We want to make sure you are doing everything possible to work smarter so that you have the ability to take more quality time off to spend doing the things that really matter in your life.

Or call (817) 524-8156

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