Business & Sales Seminars from Chuck Bauer


LIVE Training Program
In this powerful full-day seminar, your salespeople will learn new techniques and strategies to increase their productivity, close more sales, and increase sales revenue.

The WASTED Work Day

LIVE Training Program
Learn to be a COMPLETER and make time your best friend. Set up your office for efficiency including your workflow priority system, your internal & external communication protocols, and your organization’s internal cloud.

Marketing Yourself Shamelessly

LIVE Training Program

Discover the secrets of shamelessly building a strong, long-lasting, referral-based business with a solid marketing campaign that will make your product or service be memorable and distinctive.

Recruit, Hire, RETAIN!

LIVE Training Program
You and your hiring department will learn best practices (as well as non-traditional methods) to find and recruit the right people, perform structured behavioral interviews, and clearly define expectations of new applicants.

Personality Selling

LIVE Training Program
Salespeople encounter four very different personality styles when dealing with prospects and clients, but many only know how to close sales with those who have personality styles similar to their own. Learn to get personal & close more.

You Be The Sales Coach!

LIVE Training Program
This 3-hour seminar looks closely at the real client experiences from Chuck’s highly-successful Professional Sales Training Program. Explore what is holding people back from working smarter, making more, in less time – and learn to increase your sales!


LIVE Training Program
Don’t be held hostage by savvy client negotiators. This 3-hour workshop will teach you and your team better phone communication skills that will change your sales team instantly!


LIVE Training Program
The business & personal worlds are replete with “talk” about what they will accomplish. We all know differently. Talk is cheap — ACTION & IMPLEMENTATION is where it’s at! Attendees will learn the keys to business, sales, and personal success.


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