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Chuck is dedicated to your success. Get professional training in the areas you need it most. All of Chuck Bauer’s sales training and business consulting programs are 100% customized to your specific needs. No matter what industry you are in, we have a program that will take your profession to a whole new level!

Sales Training Programs & Business Consulting Service

One-on-One Sales Training for Professionals

Chuck Bauer customizes every one of his Professional Sales Training sessions to his client’s unique industry needs. He has directly helped thousands of individual salespeople convert more prospects to customers, build a strong referral-based network, and skyrocket their revenue.

Business Development for Any Industry!

Over 50 C-Level executives and hundreds of business owners have  streamlined operations and skyrocketed revenue with Chuck Bauer’s Business Development Training program. Solve important business challenges, increase staff productivity and efficiency, and transform your company to generate exponential year-over-year net revenue increases—without having to work harder!

Work smarter. Make more money. Take more time off. These are the guiding principles behind Chuck Bauer’s transformational training programs.

With over two decades of experience as a motivational speaker and professional business coach, your sessions with Chuck will leave you energized and armed with actionable tactics that will solve your current challenges and grow your business.

Chuck’s insights come from observing LIVE sales calls and business transactions through his work as a professional business coach. His clients, including sales professionals, business owners and C-level executives, will tell you time and time again that Chuck’s tactics have saved deals, streamlined operations and skyrocketed revenue.

Chuck Bauer Specializes in Training You or Your Staff to...

McQuaig® Certified Assessments have helped organizations take the cost of uncertainty and bias out of the hiring process for over 50 years. Leveraged in over 30 countries around the world, see what these research-backed tools can do for your company.

McQuaig® Staff Assessment

Understand & Motivate Your Employees

Find the right job candidate! Get the tools you need to select the right new employee and guidance on motivating existing employees to reach their maximum potential.

McQuaig® Self-Development Survey

Increase Personal Effectiveness

Get insight into yourself! This survey provides a detailed assessment of your self and specific action items that will improve your personal effectiveness and self-development.

McQuaig® Word Survey

Assess Employee Motivation

Reveal a candidate or employee’s motivating factors. Identify their inner drive and how they learn, and you can determine what management style will inspire their best performance.

McQuaig® Management Tips

Understand How to Motivate & Inspire

Improve performance with better management! This package includes strategies and tools that empower managers to inspire and understand their job candidates and employees.

McQuaig® Job Performance Survey

Understanding Job Performance

Get your new hire right the first time! Accurately measure a job candidate’s potential performance and behaviors with a list of job-specific interviewing and reference-checking questions.

Attract more customers and close more sales. Run a bulletproof referral-marketing campaign for your business. Optimize your company’s internal management, productivity, and efficiency. Make more money!  Chuck Bauer Business Consulting is your solution. How can we help you?

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