Michael Rusenko, CPA, PC

Over $125,000 in Converted Value Bill Revenue!

Michael is a CPA in Atlanta, Georgia and owner of his own firm Rusenko CPA, PC. He works primarily with individual and small business clients assisting them with tax preparation, financial reporting, audits and business consulting services.

Prior to the Concierge CPA he lacked confidence in the value his firm offered, was overworked, and spending too much time at the office.

Then Michael decided to enroll in The Concierge CPA program, a the six-month training program with Master Coaches Chuck Bauer and Jackie Meyer, CPA. He was seeing results before the sessions even began

Since enrollment in the Concierge CPA course, Michael has achieved:

  • From the pre-work material provided to new students, Michael closed a VIP client with $9K initial boarding and $985 monthly recurring income!
  • Closed on a client that grossed $55K a year on a monthly basis plus an additional $15K for back work.
  • Extreme confidence in service value—prospects and clients now understand Michael’s value, and closing stats are high.

Michael has also seen an amazing...

$ 0 K
In New Tax Revenue

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